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F1: Hamilton’s nose-dive and a burning question for Mercedes: how to get rid of that monstrous rattle?

F1: Hamilton's nose-dive and a burning question for Mercedes: how to get rid of that monstrous rattle?

The seven-time champion, a victim of ‘porpoising’ and poor tyres-adaptation, hasn’t even been able to establish W13 as the third force on the grid.

Hamilton, with W13, at the exit of the Imola pit-lane.AFP

we learned that your sister Sam At the young age of five, he instilled in him a passion for the armory. and that’s your uncle terryMaybe because of the diversity, I’ve always supported Chelsea, the club he wants to buy now. We’ve seen him suffer a football riot Max VerstappenA PSV fan who would never do anything for Ajax, and smiling like any other weekend, with his dog Roscoe paddock, We’ve heard about his vague plans to sign another contract with Mercedes and we’ve heard some of his shouting in the garage with his boss, Toto Wolf, But, above any other incident, at Imola we have felt sorry for the neck Lewis Hamilton, the victim of a very violent nod in his Mercedes. Far from a position of privilege, having lost his aura of invincibility, Sir Lewis suffers this year from the harshness of mortal pilots.

Saturday’s sprint race revealed the suffering of the seven-time champion. start with thirteenth and lose place lance walk You Yuki Tsunoda It was the starting point of another disappointing afternoon at the Autodromo Enzo y Dino Ferrari, a track not conducive to overtaking. In fact, he was only able to place against the Canadian on the eighth lap, without seeing any way to overtake AlphaTauri. “It’s going to be a painful year in which we must continue together, confident that we will be able to find a way out at some point. Or in the worst case, next season,” he continued.

And it is that, for the first time since the 2012 Japanese GP, Mercedes didn’t have a car in Q3. No less than 187 races spread over a decade. The angry discussion between Wolff and Hamilton on Friday, the helmet’s camouflage, led to many speculations, though no one wanted to clarify what had happened. “It’s an internal matter and I’m not going to share it. There are things we should have done that we didn’t,” Hamilton slipped. “Our grip drops to literally zero. And it points to the tyres,” Wolff said.

McLaren and Aston Martin

Silver Arrow Boss was referring to the difficulty in getting the tires into the optimum operating window. A legacy from the last World Cup, in which the FIA ​​had already banned DAS, the controversial system with which they set the standard in 2020. Hot asphalt in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia hid these shortcomings, but everything started in Australia. go wrong. Friday’s landing at Imola, less than 15C on the floor of the runway and rain made the floor even cooler, added to the difficulties. During the chaotic qualifying, with all eyes on the sky and even more crowds on the lap, it was literally impossible for the tires to perform immediately.

So far, in the long haul, the W13 had still managed to hold its own as the third car on the grid. By one lap, however, this weekend it has been behind McLaren, Haas, Alpine, Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin. To this disgrace we must add that the two British teams have Mercedes engines, not in principle as tuned as the one delivered by the Stuttgart giant.

Today there are those who see Hamilton in the same position as in the 2009 World Cup, when substantial regulatory changes were also introduced. Back then, McLaren didn’t quite know how to adapt to slick tires or changes in wing width. Sir Lewis was coming off his first title but missed out on points in six of the first nine races. At least he was able to finish the year with two victories and five podiums. In its current state, that balance can serve as a reference.

Hamilton, on the grass, in Imola on Saturday.AFP

For this minimum target, the Hamiltonian must first focus George Russell, who have not yet crossed on Saturday or Sunday. If he doesn’t break out of the maze of despair that he has been involved in at other moments in his career, the newcomer may draw from him. And rumors about his future will occupy even more space paddock, Just a few days ago, she became a two-time world champion Mika Hkkinen I am already questioning its possible continuation. Hamilton launched, “I have seen comments from some people I respected as a child. However, lately these people make some nonsensical comments aimed at making headlines.”

The second essential factor for the revival is the immediate backlash at the factories at Brackley and Brixworth. For two months, the brightest minds in the aerodynamics department have been looking for a remedy for the devil, almost entirely. pouring, And although some people believe in a panacea, the truth is that the internal environment is far from ideal.

Because the relentless brain drain that began last spring not only bolsters competition, but also undermines the morale of those who decided to stay. With this overload of pressure typical of F1’s great tyrant during the past eight seasons, becomes increasingly complicated. The situation seems dire, but if anyone can reverse it, that team is called Mercedes.

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