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F1: Hamilton’s fury and his doubts about the “weird” abandonment that propelled Verstappen to victory

Tsunoda, with a fault still not clear, caused a virtual safety car that doomed the heptachampion. “I can’t believe you spoiled me,” he said after Mercedes’ questionable strategy.

Tsunada after his retirement during lap 43 at Zandvoort.AFP

With 30 laps to go in front of the checkered flag at Zandvoort, Lewis Hamilton He knew with plenty of arguments to add to his first win of the year. At that time he was 16 seconds behind the leader, Max Verstappen, that he still had to stop to change the tires and return to the track behind the Mercedes. However, a singular event suddenly ruined the heptachampion’s chances. Something like this flash back That deadly Abu Dhabi GP of 2021 in which the title escaped him during the final leg of the race.

was the hero of this episode Yuki Tsunoda, which on lap 42 left his AlphaTauri stranded on the Huygenholtz curve, suspecting that the front left tire had not been properly adjusted. After stopping the car, engineers ordered the Japanese to restart it and return boxes,

After a few seconds too late while putting on the used soft tires and tightening the seat belts, AlphaTauri pulled the Tsunada out again, but Nipp quickly reiterated that his problem had not gone away. “There’s something wrong with the rear. I think the gap is broken,” he said. The answer on the other side of the radio was the final one: “Stop the car in a safe place.”

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After a few seconds of confusion, Eduardo Freitas, the race director ordered a virtual safety car period that heavily damaged Hamilton’s options in favor of Verstappen. “It was a very interesting thing. I don’t know what really happened, although I heard a car stopped, then drove, went in boxesHe went out and then stopped. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard,” Sir Lewis explained in a mixed field.

His skepticism – without even mentioning it – pointed to the possibility that AlphaTauri – Red Bull’s ally – had forced Tsunoda’s withdrawal to facilitate Verstappen’s victory. Knowing that such a violation can be punished with expulsion from the World Cup.

However, the International Federation (FIA) ignored the accident and focused only on Tsunoda’s seat belt, which was cleared to open it. He reprimanded the Japanese in accordance with Article 34.14 of the Sports Regulations. Being the fifth of the year means a penalty of 10 positions on the grid, which must be met at the Italian GP this Sunday.

When asked by reporters, the Tsunada changed its first impression saying it was a badly adjusted wheel. AlphaTauri, for its part, could not even confirm the nature of the fault. “We are looking into it at the moment,” he said. Claudio BallestriChief Engineer of the Italian Square.

Jwalamukhi Tsunoda, 22, was thus left without scoring points for the ninth consecutive race, despite the fact that he had managed to break into Q3 on Saturday, improving performance. Pierre GaslyYour garage friend.

He also wanted to speak on the rumors of some kind of manipulation. Toto Wolf, head of Mercedes. “If we were fighting for a championship it would be something I would follow very closely. This incident has probably changed the outcome of a race that we might have won,” he insisted. main team Austrian.

15 consecutive seasons

Those options for Hamilton were, in any case, extinguished with 12 laps to finish, when the failure of Valtteri Bottas Opened a safety car period. At that time, Verstappen went to boxes for their fourth and last tire change, while Mercedes opted to leave the seven-time champions on the track with their medium tyres.

“I can’t believe you’ve spoiled me like this, I can’t tell you how pissed I am,” a furious Hamilton snapped on the radio, not understanding the division of tactics since his teammate George Russell me too close pit lane To upgrade the shoes. Hamilton thus slipped from first to fourth, while the rookie climbed from third to second on the podium.

After the race, already very quiet, Hamilton apologized to his team for his lack of education. “There are so many feelings… I can’t even explain it… In the heat of the moment you say things you don’t mean,” she concluded. From now on, the Stevenage rider will have to narrow down his options in the remaining seven races if he does not want to see his record of 15 consecutive seasons with at least one World Championship win.

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