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F1: Frustration for Alonso and Sainz in Melbourne, with Leclerc on pole

F1: Frustration for Alonso and Sainz in Melbourne, with Leclerc on pole

The two-time champion suffered a problem in his alpine which caused him to crash when he was fighting with the best and the Madrid driver could not start his Ferrari in time, so he would start from ninth.

Alonso, after hitting the wall at Turn 11 at Albert Park.F1

He came up with a pace that was supposed to at least place him in the top three, but a breakdown again crossed his path. Fernando Alonso He suffered a crash in the third quarter that ruined the improvement he had made since Friday in Melbourne. As if that wasn’t enough, misfortune was also about to get fat carlos sanzo, whose Ferrari did not start in time when attacking the deciding lap, causing him to lose his preparation until he was relegated to ninth place on the grid, just ahead of the Spaniard. After these unfortunately oblivious, events and red flag-stricken Saturdays, Charles Leclerc he scored his second Pole In three races (1:17.868), ahead Max Verstappen You sergio prezzi,

“I lost the hydraulic system and I couldn’t lower the gears,” Alonso explained on the radio shortly before getting out of the car. Emerging unblemished after the accident did not dampen his visible anger. Albert Park seemed like the ideal setting for the A522’s speed show, but the two-time world champion fell far short of what he had shown at his pace. The sound of its engine had suddenly stopped and the moral blow was much harder than the impact of the wall turning 11. “It’s quite disappointing, because we could have fought for it. Pole”, he admitted on the DAZN microphone a few minutes later.

No less tense Sainz came to appear in the press, as his good deed ended very badly. While Leclerc fights with Red Bull, Madrid can’t even get close to the head. That second-and-a-half given to his garage partner does not respond to the actual moment of Sainz, who is now forced to race against Pike. With that Ferrari out of position, the other candidates will not be able to rest. And new heroes may be added to that fight for the podium.

Alpine’s dominant role in Melbourne is intended to be challenged by McLaren. lando norrisWith the best time of the third free session finally starting to feel comfortable with the MCL36, which was faster than ever Daniel Ricciardo, At least double qualifying for Q3 is a step forward for the Woking team, who resume their place among the best to the detriment of Alfa Romeo and Haas. Reaching that top 10 is already almost a relief for Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton You George Russell ranked fifth and sixth respectively.

At the last minute, one of the four DRS areas was nearly covertly eliminated by the race director. What could be the reason for this change in the middle of the weekend? Better not to think about them. Modifications planned for months had exacerbated the spectacular nature of the track, with areas of genuine detour, such as arrivals at turns 6 and 11. Perhaps with three DRS zones it seemed enough, since the average speed was already about 250 km / h. per lap.

Not even the best were safe from fear. Verstappen’s many mistakes at the start of Friday added to Alonso’s spin, though nothing compared to Aston Martin, which lost two of its cars in the morning against the safety of curves 10 and 11. His mechanics had to work hard to recover in time. lance walk for Q1, but when they got him on the track, the Canadian had no better idea than to crash into his compatriot Nicholas Latifik, A crap that both should pay attention to.

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