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F1: Final glory for Carlos Sainz winning his first race at Silverstone

Madrid is ahead of Preez and Hamilton in a race full of emotions. Fifth place for Alonso.

Sainz bathed in champagne by Hamilton at Silverstone.AP
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At Silverstone this Sunday, with 142,000 people, he is well deserved to be glorified carlos sanzo, The carousel of emotions and moves, this Great Britain GP, ​​now belongs exclusively to the Ferrari driver. It was his first win in F1. And a first in almost a decade for Spanish motorsports. This July 3, 2022 will be carved into a golden mold for Carlos. And champagne from the podium, in the company of sergio prezzi You Lewis HamiltonI will never forget it.

I needed that little luck, thanks a safety car triggered by Stephen Ocon, You’ll always have to rely on that little push of luck, but the rest was provided by Carlos, who started from pole position and shrugged off several positions of serious commitment. He had an angry overtaking before Charles Leclerc On lap 42 with nine to go before the checkered flag. So I rode on smaller, softer tires. He had passed the crucial moment and now no one can stop him. The epilogue of a wonderful Sunday.

Fernando AlonsoMeanwhile, broke the record for Kimi Raikkonen And he is already the driver with the most laps in the entire history of F1. In that shot against Leclerc, Hamilton and Perez, the two-time champion, were still able to get a little more out of the game. However, Alpine’s power is still light years behind the favorites. Fifth place, not surprisingly on Sunday, is a prize for her regularity.

minimizes maximum damage

seventh Max VerstappenThat, on the other hand, stops Red Bull’s streak in its tracks, a tyrannical dominance since returning from the World Cup Australia. A mechanical blow, when the equator had not yet been crossed, removed the current champion. In any case, you can still be satisfied mad Max, which gives only six points against fourth-placed Leclerc. The leader saved his skin and heaven can thank Christian Horner,

It was assumed that, on a strategic level, the Red Bull boss would play with Ferrari at a different pace. But Verstappen’s initial choice of soft tires surprised even Pirelli’s engineers. The champion went on the attack against Sainz, who had poor traction, losing the lead before the first corner.

At least the red flag emanating from the capsize lifting Gunayu Zhou’s hair gave Sainz a second chance, who had about an hour to catch his breath and collect his spirits. The race director had restored the starting position, so it was time to defend the lead again. As much as Verstappen rode in the medium compound, his aggression was still intact.

Hamilton’s great pace

Sainz knew how to push him into a corner, resisting like a brave man for three corners, while Leclerc fought against Sergio Prez, bringing his front wing into play. Few people at the time would have imagined a tornado flying over a Ferrari garage. An internal struggle that hasn’t left Leclerc in a good place.

Everything had started after an error by Sainz on the tenth lap. At the exit of Chappell, the last of the connected, the Spaniard cleared the way for Verstappen, who three laps later had to go through the garage to repair a puncture. Being serious, it ended disappointingly for the Dutchman, the victim of a breakdown that saw him drop to eighth in Alonso’s wake.

Sainz in front of Verstappen at Silverstone on Sunday.AP

Ahead, Leclerc hopelessly followed Sainz, with one eye in the rearview mirror, where Hamilton emerged. Monegasque was a nervous wreck, unnerved in its messages. “What do I need to do? I’m spoiling my race,” he yelled at his track engineer, referring to the plugs he found on his way. Meanwhile, the seven-champion held onto his fast lap.

They began to demand a minimum of rhythm from Carlos. Everything would get even more muddy if he didn’t finish, so on lap 20 they called him to change his shoes. A tough tire with many question marks, noting that Ferrari was unable to test it in Friday’s practice. Without the help of Drs, Leclerc’s time would not have seemed that great now. He was still with Hamilton on the fly behind his ear, with his loyal fans turning on him.

When he pressed Monegasque firmly on lap 25 on his way back from the garage, he already saw himself as the winner. Especially after getting rid of Sainz with a simple maneuver on lap 30. He had a four-second cushion despite damage to his front wing. Then Ocon’s failure changed everything.

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