Home Sport F1: Fernando Alonso turns 40: intelligence and instinct to beat age

F1: Fernando Alonso turns 40: intelligence and instinct to beat age

F1: Fernando Alonso turns 40: intelligence and instinct to beat age

With five consecutive tests in the points, Asturian has been consolidated as one of the best ‘Carrerista’ of the World Cup, where he has left a few performances to remember.

Alonso on the A521 during the recent British GP.Alpine F1

The turning point of the Hungaroring, the scene of the last race before the holidays, could not have been better for Fernando Alonso, who is celebrating his 40th birthday today at the circuit where he took his first win in Formula 1. It will be a very special Thursday in the Alpine, not just during traditional asphalt reconnaissance, to remember that 2003 milestone with Renault. There will also be cake and surprises for the project leader, a forty-something who knows how to adapt his piloting to new times. Boasting intelligence and instinct, Alonso has shown his mettle to continue competing with the best and has accumulated the aptitude for a more powerful car in which to flaunt all his talent.

“Like I’m 25”

“I feel like I’m 25. Whatever the passport says, I don’t feel like 40,” Alonso explained after his wonderful weekend at Silverstone. On a grid where 12 out of 20 drivers are under 27, Alonso only . is smaller than Kimi Raikkonen. His physical and mental form, however, seems to be superior not only to Finn, but also to other illustrious thirties, such as Valtteri Bottas, Daniel Ricciardo Or Sebastian Vettel.

Alonso has had to swim upstream since February 11, when a bicycle accident in Lugano caused a serious setback. hand in hand with your faithful edoardo bendinelli Worked on jaw and shoulder recovery. “Now I feel super fit and 200%,” he admitted a few days ago.

learning period

“The first two races of the year were like a fresh start. I took a lot of precautions trying not to make mistakes for the team.” In Bahrain, then its main attraction safety car It was bad and in Imola, in second gear, on a wet asphalt, even worse. Not only did he hit the wall at Tosa, but he was overtaken by a Haas and an Alfa Romeo.

Since then, the optimization of his driving for the A521 has been continuous and the confidence boost has been transferred to the time table. The car’s new power steering, released in early June, has allowed it to express its more aggressive style. As Bach has added five consecutive races to the points, the best streak of the entire grid, surpassed only lando norris.

brain and fangs

Once the oxides were removed, Alonso delivered a couple of vocals to the finer palate, with enough confidence for instincts to emerge. For featuring Bach, where he took four places in the last two laps, he followed a sprint race at Silverstone, which also earned him praise. full wolf. “It’s a pleasure to see Fernando: inside, outside, inside, outside. As if he were everywhere”, Mercedes owner.

His ability to go to the limit without poor art and without leaving room for the opponent, added to his consistency to drive the car to the target in extremely adverse conditions, has consolidated him as one of the best. race of championship. at the level of Lewis Hamilton. Alpine CEO, Marcin Budkowski, it summarized everything quite graphically. “He’s a little fox and knows how to take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. We know his racing skills are second to none,” Pole insisted.

Salary and Renewal

Alonso’s specific weight in F1 is better understood in light of what was published this week by Forbes, which has placed him as the third highest paid driver on the grid. 21 million euros per year at the level of Max Verstappen And right behind Hamilton, they don’t seem to care too much for Alpine, getting closer and closer to carrying out its renovation. laurent rossiAlpine’s CEO already speaks about the matter as if it were just a formality. “He is doing everything possible for me to exercise that option,” admitted the Frenchman during a recent interview with the BBC.

The “one plus one” contract, which the team will have to execute by 2022, seems like a fact. At Enstone, however, the pit Esteban Ocon, with almost half the points (14-26) and unfavorable balance on Saturday (4-5). After a promising start, the young Frenchman is seen with a certain complexion in front of what happens in the garage next door. Alonso, for his part, is driven fast from the start and has already added seven races during the first lap, gaining positions (or maintaining positions).

Two milestones for 2022

Goodbye to Raikkonen, who will be replaced by Alfa Romeo next season Valtteri Bottas, it is taken for granted in approx. paddock. So in 2022, Alonso will come out as the oldest on the grid, where he is almost twice as old. Yuki Tsunoda Or lando norrisBoth are 21 years old. It may be your time to tackle two milestones in the recent history of motorsport.

In modern F1, only Nigel Mansell He was able to win races over 40. It was at the 1994 Australian GP, ​​when the British, at the wheel of a Williams, were 41 years and three months old. As for the podium, Michael Schumacher He was able to climb the third stage of the 2012 European GP with 43 years and five months, defending the Mercedes colours. Alpine’s move forward, completed by Alonso’s hands-on thanks to the regulatory revolution, promises strong sentiment for 2022.