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F1: Carlos Sainz, on the podium after a strange last-minute penalty to Vettel

F1: Carlos Sainz, on the podium after a strange last-minute penalty to Vettel

F1 could not measure a liter of gasoline in the Aston Martin of the four-time champion, so the Ferrari driver ascends to the third final position.

Ferrari, ahead of Alonso, on Sunday at the Hungaroring.AP

At eight o’clock on Sunday afternoon, three hours after the victory of Esteban Ocon at the Hungaroring, a statement from F1 shakes the whole paddock. The technical delegate, Jo bauer, had not been able to extract a liter of gasoline from the car of Sebastian vettel, second classified in the goal, so he was forced to transfer this violation of the regulations to the stewards. Gerd ennser, Matteo perini, Vitantonio Liuzzi Y Lajos Herczeg they called a member of the Aston Martin team to the chapter to examine in detail what happened. And yet another two hours were delayed in their final ruling. At about ten o’clock at night, after the disqualification of the German pilot, Carlos Sainz conquered his second podium with Ferrari.

The aberrant chronology of the events records what happened in Interlagos on November 17, 2019, when Madrid went up to the box for the first time with McLaren after a sanction to Lewis hamilton. That almost clandestine Brazilian champagne gave way yesterday to an even more intimate celebration in Budapest. Sainz, after climbing 12 places from the grid, found the reward for his clever approach.

He could not do it on the asphalt, as he was passed by Hamilton four laps from the end. A bitter outcome after so much effort on a route that looks more like a mousetrap. He had started fifteenth on the grid, but his skill in the first round made him climb up to sixth place, from pit-lane for the highlight. Not satisfied, he wanted to squeeze the possibilities of his SF21. Even if he must contravene the orders of his engineers to do so.

If anyone had doubts about his specific weight at Ferrari, Carlos cleared them yesterday with a stroke of the pen. When the first third of the test had not yet been completed, the strategists of Mattia binotto they raised a undercut to get rid of Yuki tsunoda Y Nicholas latifi. “No!” Sainz snapped. “I have a lot more rhythm, guys,” he added in relation to the idea of Ravin jain, chief strategy officer of the Scuderia. Only 10 laps later, after squeezing the wheels into the overcut, the Spaniard surpassed both opponents after passing through boxes.

“I wanted to convey to them that doing an extra lap with clean air could be very fast. We continue to learn together and these things are what make us stronger,” explained Sainz, who in mid-May had been one step away from triumph in Mnaco. Yesterday, filling the gap in Charles Leclerc, due to a retirement in the first round, Carlos offered his most competitive profile. At the moment he already has three points more than the Monegasque in the World Cup, so his warning for the future should be taken very seriously: “In the second half of the championship we will improve”.