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F1: Carlos Sainz, for his second win: as will the red fight in Hungariango

“We have to have a lot of respect for each other on the first lap and the team will decide later,” a Madrid man said of a race where strategy and tire management would be decisive.

Sainz, at the wheel of an SF-75, at Hungaroring on Saturday.AFP

Ferrari has speed and George RussellThe Pole, carlos sanzo site and Charles Leclerc, gallon. It may sound like a tangled skeleton, but that’s why today’s races at Hungaroring look so appealing. A battle for the hierarchy in the red garage to which we must add a game of chess against Mercedes. Sainz sees his second victory in F1 in hand. Tomorrow, minutes after the end PoleHe had already believed in this.

Carlos’ moans did not last long, which was delayed by the official press conference and the attention of the rest of the media. Upon exiting the mixed zone, the sad face with which he was photographed sitting next to the FIA ​​facilities, in another tone. “The car has made me wink twice. That second attempt has neither been special, nor good enough for him.” Pole, With a full lap, I definitely would have been there,” he admitted. And from that moment on, his mind started working on the race.

Today, from second place on the grid, Carlos must control Leclerc, his garage partner, on the dirty side. “We have to see who comes in front of the corner first,” he warned. And it’s not a toast to the sun. Not a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, Sainz just knows he can’t hesitate with a clutch like Melbourne or Montmel. At the crucial moment at the traffic light, on the way to the sharp hairpin on the right, Carlos and Charles have to keep their restraint.

willingness to compensate

she was talked about yesterday as usual talks before the race, led Mattia Binottohead of crew, Inside they are well aware of their speed superiority against Mercedes with medium tyres. An advantage that was also estimated to be around seven tenths per lap on Friday over Red Bull, which was left on the road yesterday Max Verstappen, The loss of power in the engine forces the World Championship leader to make an impossible return from the tenth stage of the grid.

Leclerc, with 63 points short in the championship, may have been influenced by the rush or desire for his recent abandonment at Paul Ricard. So Binotto has ordered discipline. “We have to have a lot of respect for each other in the first round and then the team will decide,” Sainz reiterated. In this situation, obviously, the race has to be resolved.

If only recent qualities fit the balance, Ferrari would have to privilege the man from Madrid, who has been able to get the best out of his driving since the Canadian GP. Sharp, intelligent, determined, Carlos silences critics with the same qualities that opened Maranello’s doors to him. Eventually he has managed to customize his style as per the demand of the car. And even better in the second half of the World Cup. He already did it at Renault or McLaren.

load on patience

However, Leclerc’s magic is still very much in force in the red garage. Monegasque has a great desire to make up for his misfortune. When the power unit split at Bach and Barcelona or when strategic errors put him out of the lead at Monte Carlo or Silverstone. It’s never easy to assume that with such a competitive car, the title already sounds like a pipe dream. And a little push before the holiday can be understood as logical atonement.

“We know the race will be long and we can win, but we must look at it philosophically,” Sainz said, questioning Mercedes. Take into account the difficulties of the Silver Arrow’s downforce and hungover. A complex and narrow layout in which every maneuver has to be chewed through without haste. Enough to remember last year, when Fernando Alonso stopper two Lewis Hamilton For 10 laps to leave the victory on a plate Stephen Ocon,

Today’s 70 spins will not leave room for error, especially in the strategic segment. According to Pirelli’s calculations, the most plausible option would be a single stop from soft to hard or medium to hard. This increases the options for securing the position.

“The Speed ​​Is There”

However, double pit stops (soft-medium-medium or soft-medium-soft) cannot be ruled out. If it’s any indication, Ocon won here 12 months ago with two saves, while Verstappen and Hamilton scored four. and through every step pit lane Let’s say 21 seconds to leave. A very high toll, to which not a single doubt can be added with a gun or while leaving the car. Sainz’s podium slipped through that crack last Sunday at Le Castellet.

The other differentiating factor, closely related to the previous one, will affect tire management, as explained in laurent meckies, “After the afternoon rain we found a track that was no longer rubberized and was at a very low temperature, so we had to start all over again,” analyzed Ferrari’s sporting director. The dramatic drop, from about 50C on the tarmac to about 25C, took its toll on Leclerc. “The speed is there. We just have to figure out what’s happened to the tyres”, ended ’16.

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