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F1: Alonso’s test with breakdown: “This misfortune is unbelievable”

F1: Alonso's test with breakdown: "This misfortune is unbelievable"

“If everything happens 20 seconds later, maybe we’ll have a ‘pole’ now,” assures Asturian after a problem in the third quarter that caused him to hit the wall.

Alonso’s A522 at Melbourne’s Alpine Garage on Saturday.EFE

Next July will be a decade from the last Pole from Fernando Alonso In F1 since that distant 2012 German GP, ​​the two-time world champion had only come close to privileged positions at the 2021 Qatar GP, with third place on the grid which he later managed to push. sergio prezzi, That November 21 was his first podium date at the wheel of the Alpine, a car that did not have the best speed, but was resistant to breakage. Less than five months later, Asturian’s situation seems very different.

His first words to the press clearly reflected Alonso’s dismay. “Having another problem with the car is disappointing enough, but let’s see if this ends. It’s unbelievable how unlucky we were. If it all happened 20 seconds later, maybe now we’ll have Pole“, Advanced Fernando, in reference to the setbacks that occurred after the preseason and subsequent engine changes at Barcelona, ​​which forced him to start over with a new power unit in the Bahrain GP and Saudi Arabia GP.

When he was running in sixth place, a breakdown in Jeddah forced his retirement. After examining parts from the Viri factory, it became clear to engineers that they could no longer reuse Renault engines. And that serious step backwards can now be repeated in Melbourne. “We have to see if we have to change anything in the car, if we have to pay a fine or not, although it doesn’t matter to me now,” Alonso admitted.

Leclerc. in battle with

According to its first diagnosis, it was a “hydraulic problem”, a reason given by Alpine during tests in Montmel. The explanation that teams often cling to clues to their problems in competition. “I didn’t have a gear change, nor did I have power steering. Everything stopped in that curve,” said the Spaniard, without giving details about what happened to his engine, which suddenly stopped roaring.

At turn 11 at the time of impact against the wall, Alonso was struggling Charles Leclerc You Max Verstappen By PoleAnd he had two spare sets of tires, which he was able to reserve during Q1 and Q2. His time in the first sector (26.856) was only 18 thousandths slower than Monegasque’s, though one tenth faster than the clock. carlos sanzo, In the second sector, Fernando set the best time (17.753), a tenth faster than Sainz and a second faster than Leclerc. “Right now, after being hot and so close PoleI would say it would be nice to get some points, but we deserve that podium sooner or later.”

“I like all or nothing”

“If we take a point well and if we don’t take it, that’s fine too, because I don’t like all or nothing. At the moment, bad luck is holding us back,” concluded Alonso, who will start two places behind Stephen Ocon, The young Frenchman could not keep pace with his garage partner this time around after a strong pulse between the two in Jeddah two weeks ago.

Curiously, since the start of the World Championship, Ocon’s A522 suffered only a gearbox problem, which forced him to wear new parts for free practice at the Bahrain GP. From then on, the rest of the brakes in the Alpine were focused on the Spanish car.

Waiting for what happens on Sunday, Otmar Szafnauer, main team Alpine’s also wanted to highlight the speed of the A522. “Today we had the ability to put our cars in the top five. Now we know we can still have a good race starting from eighth and tenth. On Friday, our race pace was positive, so we Will try to score good marks,” he endorsed. Romanian

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