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F1: Alonso leaves his stamp in first race of ‘sprint’ where Verstappen snatches ‘pole’ from Hamilton

F1: Alonso leaves his stamp in first race of 'sprint' where Verstappen snatches 'pole' from Hamilton

Asturian, a brilliant first-round hero, climbed four positions and finished seventh. Sainz, Eleventh.

Fernando Alonso, at the wheel of the A521, at Silverstone on Saturday.EFE

it was a busy half hour Fernando Alonso At Silverstone, site of the first sprint race in F1 history. The Asturian shared the limelight for a formidable comeback with a spectacular World Cup dive that would allow him to start seventh on the grid on Sunday. The great British temple of speed also trembled with duel Max Verstappen u Lewis Hamilton, in the first round where the seven-time champion slept in front of the championship leader, to maintain one’s victory without tension from then on. Pole.

With new soft tires and unbridled ambition, Alonso made a surprising comeback on the first lap. From eleventh on the grid to fifth, after overtaking Sebastian Vettelhandjob carlos sanzohandjob George Russellhandjob Daniel Ricciardohandjob lando norris u sergio prazo. The great progress should not be attributed exclusively to the rubbers, because Esteban OconUnder this strategy, he secured only one position. u Valtteri BottasWith similar footwear, he tried hard enough to keep Hamilton in the back seat.

Alonso’s initial accuracy in every move, as aggressively calculated as he was, was only a preview of what was to come next. Four laps later, Norris appeared to be squeezing McLaren’s pace for the first time. A few meters ahead, nothing could resist Fernando at Turn 3. Proof that everything was very serious was the whiplash suffered by Prez on Hangar Strait. Red Bull was at the top of the wall, although it could restart from the preceding position. Terrible displeasure to the Mexicans, forced to retire the car shortly before the checkered flag.

“Do you have more power?”

The balance of risks had to be weighed very carefully. To carlos sanzo, for example, getting up early was frustrating after the incident George Russell Almost immediately on Turn 3, the stewards ordered an investigation, although the Ferrari driver found himself eighteenth off the hook. drowned in that pit, he could already leave some trace of his courage Kimi Raikkonen u Pierre Gasly.

The action on the asphalt, by then, was reduced to what Alonso could protest against Ricciardo or Vettel. He could not protest against the Australians, but he did against Tetrakampane. When his rivals sharpened Drs’s knife, the stewards sent a warning to him for his relentless Zizzaggio, but the leader of the Alpine dropped his range sample. Denying all places with those wheels in such poor condition is only within reach of the chosen ones.

Hamilton and Verstappen, two other geniuses, could not deliver the promised show. “I’m giving it my all. Do you have more power?”, asked the British, while their engineers reported them blisters in the front right wheel of Red Bull. Clear like your own Mercedes. So, for about two seconds, everything went smoothly crazy max.