Home Sport F1: All the factors affecting the controversial incident between Hamilton and Verstappen

F1: All the factors affecting the controversial incident between Hamilton and Verstappen

F1: All the factors affecting the controversial incident between Hamilton and Verstappen

Tomorrow night at 10 Max Verstappen He was leaving Coventry Hospital with some relief, as doctors had found no trauma that could compromise his presence at the Hungarian GP. The shock of the crash at Silverstone, the most severe of his career as a pilot, was mixed with fury. Lewis Hamilton. Meanwhile, all paddock He was still debating what happened in Kopse, one of the fastest and most dangerous corners of the World Cup. Did the Mercedes leaders deserve approval or was it just a race event? mark before and after in your relationship with crazy max? Does this sentence set a delicate precedent for the future? Before answering these questions, it is useful to address only the facts, in some detail.

What happened in Kop?

The most accurate account should be given to the commissioners who punished Hamilton 10 seconds after the start of the investigation. Michael Masik, race director. “Cars 33 and 44 entered Turn 9, 33 forward and 44 slightly back, occupying the interior. Car 44 was on a line that did not reach the top of the curve with space available through the corner. When Car 33 rounded the curve, 44 did not avoid contact and its left front part touched 33’s rear right side. We blame car 44 primarily,” the text detailed.

According to telemetry data, at that time both were running in Kopse at a speed of about 290 km/h. Hamilton, too close to the wall, tries to take first at a point where it is reckless to overtake. Verstappen, who had already defended himself to the legal limit at the Abbey and Brooklands, left enough room, but he was not going to give anything at this point. The play was served.

What does the rule say?

The first thing that needs to be emphasized is that the guidelines with which commissioners deal with overtaking are not made public. In this sense, the British GP was no exception. However, it is often assumed that the rider who conquers the inside of the curve with a “significant” advantage has priority “as long as his line is clear”.

They had to work in this slippery terrain of ambiguities Emanuel Pirohandjob nish shettyhandjob Dennis Deanhandjob loic baqueline u eric council, five persons sitting next to Maisie at Silverstone. It should be remembered that only the first of them have experience as a first class pilot.

Why the red flag?

In principle, Masi activated safety car, but a few seconds later he interrupted the race with his usual flags. With them, operators could operate without stress on the damaged protection. And, on the rebound, Hamilton, with damage to the car, was allowed to finish second. In addition, Mercedes had 40 minutes to repair the front of the W12, barely.

Red Bull, for its part, was only kicking off comparable complaints, recalling that the relaunch started at Imola or refused to stop the Azerbaijan GP, ​​despite Verstappen’s horrific crash on the main straight. Masi did not provide further explanation of the red flag, but defended the decision of the five commissioners. “For many years before I took office, it was considered a fundamental idea that the consequences of an event should not be considered. When commissioners judge something, they confine themselves to the event. and not its consequences.” , he exposed.

How did he see it hot?

The first to respond was Hamilton, via radio: “I was ahead, that was my line. He came to me,” said the winner of the 99 grand prizes. call was very important full wolf For Masi, broadcast by F1. “I just sent you a similarity With diagrams with descriptions of where the car should be,” said the Austrian. In the garage next door, Christian Horner Introduced the opposing version. “Lewis has never been closer. That curve was 100% Max,” he explained to the race director. “I hope you will solve it in the best possible way. We could have had a very serious accident. Thank God they were not harmed,” said the British.

At Red Bull, the most aggressive profile was signed by Helmut Marko. “I do not know what the maximum penalty will be, but such dangerous and reckless behavior should be punished with suspension from a race,” the advisor insisted. Hours later, as he was discharged from Coventry, Verstappen poured petrol on the fire. Max said, “I’m very disappointed that the punishment doesn’t do justice to Lewis’ dangerous maneuvers. It’s disrespectful and un-sporting to watch those celebrations while I’m in the hospital.” “I didn’t know he was admitted”, justified Hamilton before Wolff’s icing: “Two don’t fight if one doesn’t want to.”

What are the examples?

three years ago, carlos sanzo faced something similar in the past Romain Grosjean, although Madrlio, then at Renault, intends to go abroad. Curiously, on the same Sunday, Hamilton nearly unearthed an incident that ruined his chances of victory. Upon reaching the village, a slow curve to the right, Kimi Raikkonen He wanted to sneak in, slammed the brakes and swung the leader of the Mercedes. The stewards, almost immediately, punished the Finnish Ferrari by 10 seconds.

And if we broaden the focus, the feud between the two great contenders for the title has been the norm in F1 history. It is not necessary to just mention what happened between arton army u Alain Prosta In or between Suzuka (1989, 1990) Michael Schumacher u Damon Hill In the 1994 Australian GP. because Sebastian Vettel fought to the death mark weber Malaysian GP in 2013 and Hamilton himself played against it more than once nico rosberg in 2016.

future status?

Exactly a month ago, a comment from Horner sparked more than a wicked grin on her paddock. “for example Novak Djokovik against Roger Federer. Max forces Lewis to do his best. and vice versa. “Had to add to that picture what happened in Imola, Portimao and Montmel, where their pupil clearly challenged the authority of the full seven world champions.

Instead, apparently at Silverstone, Hamilton has said enough. His guilt should not only be attributed to the heat of 140,000 fans, but also pointed to deeper issues. Take, for example, five consecutive weekends without tragic victories, something unusual in their recent Palmares. or maybe to put in place Bernie Ecclestone, that on Wednesday he had released his one. “Maybe Lewis is no longer the fighter he used to be.” We will see whether Sir Lewis maintains this aggression on the asphalt over the next 13 races.