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F1: Alex Palu and McLaren, between F1 dreams and legal nightmares

The 25-year-old from Barcelona was the victim of a crossfire between Woking team chief Zak Brown and the team’s owner, Chip Ganassi, who made him the IndyCar champion.

Palu, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday.AP

This is a story of a rivalry. faced by jack brownMcLaren CEO and Chip GanassiOne of the great leaders of IndyCar. A personal matter, rather than a financial one, of uncertain origin and unpredictable consequences. including the arrival of alex palou For Formula 1. IndyCar’s first Spanish champion could happen with next season Fernando Alonso You carlos sanzo As a McLaren test driver at the 2023 World Cup.

Brown has been absent at the Hungarian this weekend and his absence, as has become the norm, has gone unnoticed. uncle buckAs everyone knows him there, he exudes a peculiar character that is felt in every corner. paddock, Acceptable and fanatical, philanthropic and ultra-competitive, he combines business acumen and a passion for racing. As CEO of the competition his agenda includes the F1, IndyCar, Formula E and Extreme E events, so this time he traveled to the London E-Prix, leaving command in Hungary. andreas sidleyits main team,

“Zak pulled us out of the hole and in Woking is not forgotten,” he remarks about that turbulent transition from Papeete’s garage, first with Alonso, then with Sainz. Today, despite the calm provided by the central region, McLaren needs another effort towards excellence. And the clever brown, always open-minded, is stubborn in his pursuit. This is his way of understanding the business. Where others collide with walls, he sees possibilities.

“be free to do it”

Late last year, stunned by the champion’s success, he approached Palau, the star of his hated Ganassi. The 25-year-old from Barcelona was not only emerging as a perfect complement duck o’ward In the Indycar division, but in an alternative future for F1. Negotiations went through normal channels until an agreement was reached with the Spanish. Or so Brown believes.

This scam will happen through three blasts on 12th July. Ganassi announced a renewal of Palau by 2023, but Pilot immediately denied the agreement via Twitter. A few minutes later, McLaren confirmed his signing. How was such a mess possible? Everything was due to a clause in Alex’s contract with Ganassi, through which his automatic renewal was executed until 2023. A section that McLaren never knew about. Either brown holds.

“We signed a multi-year contract and their representatives told me that Lex was free to do so,” Jack said of negotiations with the Lex-led company Monaco Increase Management (MIM). salvatore gandolfo, In late 2019, this investment group grabbed some cover thanks to an F1 project through the Campos Racing team. Today, his good practice in the demanding environment of IndyCar is questionable.

title, on and on

The one who doesn’t plan to move an inch is Ganassi, the head of a project with whom he has come to discuss supremacy. Roger Penske You Michael Andretti, “I want to win the title and Alex in my car. I don’t have conversations with the other drivers,” he continued as he filed a complaint against Palau and his agents in Marion County court. If anyone doubted his perseverance, from that very moment he restricted the Spaniard’s full access to data and telemetry. Could his hated Brown be allowed access to the secrets of his car?

Awaiting settlement, by agreed or judicial imperative, Palu maintains this type. On the track and before the microphone. Some of her gullible air and her good boy smile with her. “I didn’t want to cause any chaos and I have nothing to hide. Next year I’ll be in the McLaren family,” he said before his final appointment at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Their tenth place on Saturday puts them on a 52-point lead with four races to go. The title defense is further and further away, though Palu prefers to see other objectives on his horizon.

Will be the newest to try the MCL35 with lando norris You Daniel Ricciardo He disputed the 2021 World Cup. Quite a beginning journey for someone who had shown his reservations against F1 several times. Alex used to tell people close to him, “I want options to win and I can only have that security in the United States.” Today, the future looks very different. You still have to overcome two major obstacles to accomplish this though. First, the legal battle against Ganassi. Later, the internal pulse at McLaren, which not only has O’Ward, but is already in its F1 Colton Hertha During some recent tests at Portimao.

Palau on Friday during qualifying for the Gallagher Grand Prix.AP

Herta, Andretti’s driver at IndyCar, also intends to take over from Norris or Ricciardo during a free season at the 2022 World Cup. Stefano Domenicaliq, F1’s CEO, is so attracted to the US market that he needs a local, young driver with Herta’s charm. This combination of factors harms Palu. On his side, of course, was the personal interest of Brown, who did not hesitate to present an impossible-to-reject economic proposal.

If the storm subsides, Palau’s project at McLaren will allow him to alternate IndyCar with a reserve driver job in F1. And from there wait for any news about Ricciardo with a contract until 2023 and Norris signed until 2025. Any other decision would be unreasonable and premature.

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