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Europe is still far away for Villarreal. LaLiga Santander 2021

Europe is still far away for Villarreal.  LaLiga Santander 2021

Emery’s team drew against Sevilla after scoring a goal in the last game and missed a substantial opportunity to get closer to their goal.

Players brawling over the ball at the end of the game.joseph jordanAFP

Villarreal still have a long way to go with three matches to play in Europe next season. Because yesterday they missed a golden opportunity against Sevilla, which they lost with a goal in the discount of the game. lo celso, but then it appeared kounde To tie the conflict into the final act and leave their faces pale with disbelief.

pony stone bet on speed chuquezé Barely a few minutes were played before the loss in attack and the Nigerian made the first approach with a threat to Villarreal. With whom did the fast winger’s run come close to joining? day, but Kaunde proceeded to send it for a corner. kick shot from that corner foyth point blank, what deeply concerned Thanks to his reflexes, he managed to save.

Yellow pressure was in effect and Villarreal did not relieve a Sevilla that seemed to be bottled up. Chukuvez scored next and this time the goal didn’t come as the yellow attacker’s shot crashed into the crossbar. He will have another opportunity after taking advantage of a serious error of coinsBut he again missed the shot.

Despite their superiority, Villarreal did not make an advantage as a target and Sevilla took advantage of it, little by little, to wake up and get closer to the target. Ruli, n-nesiri The Argentine goalkeeper stood in front, although the action was canceled for offside. pappu gomez He tested it immediately after a shot close to the post that went wide.

All danger from Villarreal passed through Chukuvez. This time the Nigerian got EqualJoe came out to add one of his distinctive shots, though this time it went way beyond the mark.

In the case of Sevilla, offensive football went through an all-encompassing Papu Gomez, looking for a way to escape from the yellow defense. In a foul against Argentina, Sevilla scored a shot Diego CharlesWhich didn’t even get any target.

the answer was a header Paul Torres After a lateral foul measured by Lou Celso, which Bono removed with some reflexes, his door remained clear. His first half was decisive. He still had time to cross a close shot from Lo Celso with another decisive action.

The game was getting tougher as the minutes passed. The start of the second half was to no avail as Villarreal demanded a penalty for a possible foul by Acua Own. capouewhat gil manzano Ignored. Yes, he went to the monitor to see the goal which Kaunde had scored in his own goal while trying to avoid Diya’s shot. The referee canceled the goal due to a tight offside by the yellow striker.

The passing of the minutes did not stop Chukuvez’s momentum, which had become Villarreal’s best argument in pursuit of the goal to open the match. But all his shots crashed into Bono, a giant who caught any attempt to get him away.

Emery moved the bench to shake the final part of the match. Give stone, asparagus You paco alkesar in the countryside. lopetegui Responded with another triple change to give the minute Navasi, lick it You rafa miro With a single purpose: something that would unbalance the conflict in this last section.

And Sevillesta nine had a very clear chance after a great long pass from Lamela, but her threaded shot missed Rulli’s goal and went wide. His condition, however, seemed to be advanced.

The one who went ahead was Villarreal, four minutes from the end. A down action by Pedraza ends with a shot from Lou Celso, who, after leaping from the grass, beats Bono to the top.

The goal seemed to do justice to a Villarreal who was better, but could not hold his advantage. In the last minute of stoppage time, Kaunde took advantage of a set piece to level the match and left him chewing up the bitter taste of despair.

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