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Europa League: Real Sociedad exposes United’s shortcomings and secures a historic win europa league 2022

A brilliant version from Kubo and a goal from Bryce Mendez helped Emanol Alguacil’s team win by the narrowest margin at Old Trafford.

Kubo and David Silva Cause Martinez’s PunishmentAFP

Part effective, part patient, part defensive. define real society of immanol sheriff In a word it is a complex task. The Basque Club has built a solid structure that has inspired it to participate again Europe League. Spain’s team defeated by surprise on the first day of the group stage Man Utd 0-1 with a penalty goal Bryce Mendez In the 57th minute.

Perhaps it would be a complicated exercise to find an adjective that denotes what real society, However, there are three concepts that fit perfectly with the compound system: resistance, pressure with medium-high blocks and, in particular, order. Real’s defensive order has resulted in errors in the exit Man Utd, you used back Harry Maguire as the holder. The British defender has been a substitute in the last three premier games for Ten Haig’s men, who have picked up Lysandro Martinez in the local tournament.

Too many Maguire what martínez They had to do with Mandez’s goal. Maguire The yellow card is taken to oppose the hand that Argentina (United’s MVP in September) has committed. Martinez, for his part, entered the second half and suffered a pass through. Michael Merino, attack on space Sadiq and the concentration of lindeloff, Who has captured Manchester’s right wing without a winger and has shown problems solving his agility Kubo.

The Japanese have played the villain theater of dreams For United fans. Kubo showing quality, speed and concentration has found the right side of the box defense network freaks Leading the operation of the ball before a hole and a weak presentation to generate choices David Silva,

bittersweet premiere

premiere of Man Utd Feather europe league left a bitter taste in the mouths of his followers, Cristiano Ronaldo, and of casemiro, The Portuguese returned to the starting eleven after several games as a substitute. The Brazilian, for his part, made his debut on the basis of there is a hago As the anchor of the line of passengers.

Ronaldo, who scored a goal in an offside position, had a poor game and ended amid criticism from United fans. In contrast, Casemiro has been excellent in defense, but has contributed little in attack (only one shot from mid-range and a header over the crossbar throughout the match).

Great day

real society It is not the only team in La Liga to have started their journey on the right foot on International Day. Villarreal and Real Betis I have also met Vijay.

Andalusian players beat HSJ Helsinki 2–0 (double by William Jose). Villarreal I have won conference league, The yellow submarine has recorded an awkward 4-3 against a strong lech posen, who have shown courage, strength and quality Ceramic.

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