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Europa League: Martyrdom not forgotten trap | europa league 2021

Eintracht-Barcelona (Thursday / 9:00 am)

PSG’s 6-1 goalkeeper at the Camp Nou has reunited with Barcelona in Frankfurt. He competes in the German team with Ter Stegen for Neuer’s second place.

Trapp, with the German team.Marcus GilliarWorld

luis enrique He came off the bench like crazy and started playing the band. Messi He climbed a billboard to rise above the humans. To Sergio Robert A mountain of teammates fell on him who wanted to hug him, kiss him, or touch him to score a coveted goal in Barcelona history. There were fans who burst into tears, as PSG going back from the first leg of 4-0 to 6-1 (including three goals in the final seven minutes) escaped all arguments, even the referee. And when all this happens, no one notices the goalkeeper’s loneliness kevin trap (Merzig, Germany, 1990). He was left alone in the area with no response. With lost looks and weapons. He was probably already aware that that night, in which he scored six of the seven shots on goal, would mark his career. He lost his job at PSG and a year later, he had to return to Eintracht Frankfurt, where he still tries to forget.

“I spent three wonderful years in Paris. There’s only one game I try not to miss, one with PSG at Camp Nou. The problem is everyone tells me about the same thing”. “I’ve been trying to forget for years, but I always remember it.” Trapp has been repeating such statements ever since, like a litany, aware that a goalkeeper is never able to get away with a stroke. Stops, great performances and even lost reputation can come back, but not redemption. ,boxes He once said that 70% and 80% of a goalkeeper is in his head”, Trapp commented on the German network ARD a few days ago. And in this he is. Meanwhile, and just in case, he continues to take Takes care of his hands. He makes two short jumps with his right foot when he enters the field. And no one touches his glove, which he himself brings to the stadium from home.

However, his situation is not the same after PSG decided to pay Eintracht €9.5 million to compete with him. sirigu You circle – “He is a modern goalkeeper, one of the best in the world”, assures the coach laurent white– Things have been going well for Trap for quite some time now. The previous season was decisive for Eintracht to finish fifth in the Bundesliga. And although his team on the course is paying a lot for both his inconsistency and the departure of the scorer Andrew Silva -Eintracht is barely ninth, 39 points behind Bayern-, his career in the Europa League continues to be unblemished. Austrian coached team Oliver Glasner They have not lost in the Continental tournament this season (four wins and three draws) and left Betis after making a show at Villamarn and later scoring a goal at home in the last minute of extra time.

This Barcelona for xavi hernandez Capable of amassing six victories simultaneously in the league, appears this Thursday at the historic and vibrant Waldstadion in Frankfurt – now Deutsche Bank Park – on his steadfast path to a title that is not in his showcase . In fact, of the survivors of the tournament, only Eintracht won the UEFA Cup once (1979–80), their greatest continental success.

Duel with Ter Stegen

However, it happens that Eintracht, a dynamic team where they exist, rises to a wide 3-2-4-1 and who enjoys catching the Serbian’s delicate left button. Philip KostikInstead of looking back, I prefer to look ahead. Trapp has, in fact, managed to keep a clean sheet only once in the eight Europa League games played. His stopping percentage (71%) is, yes, higher than ter stegen (67%) in competition.

Today he will meet Ter Stegen, against whom he is fighting for the second goalkeeper position at Mannshaft. Manuel Neuer, Untouchable selector even at the age of 39 gasp flickIn fact, in Germany’s last friendly against Israel, they decided that the Barca goalkeeper and Eintracht goalkeeper would play one each. And the latter, who has only been international six times (and only one official match), saving a penalty abounds in debate.

Because Trap, in addition to facing his demons, has another battle ahead of him, with the World Cup in Qatar on the horizon. So many things to think about, and a few options to forget.

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