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Europa League: Betis get into the Europa League round of 32 | Europa League 2021

 Europa League: Betis get into the Europa League round of 32 |  Europa League 2021

The Verdiblanco side beat Ferencvaros dull (2-0) and qualified for the next round as second in the group after Bayer Leverkusen.

Canales celebrates with his teammates a goal against Ferencvaros.EFE
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Being better is not always enough. Football is a broken mirror that reflects, part by part, in random triangles, life itself. The Betis He had the upper hand and he won, but the game was not the ride that logic announced. There was more overalls than sequin bodice. Things of an ungrateful sport. The goal of Tello right after starting, after a beautiful and joyful combination play between Joaquin and Bellerín, promised a calm that was slow to come. The Ferencvaros he has very little, but what he does have, he takes advantage of it, like stiff people who do not deprive themselves of a couple of reeds out of sheer dignity. Tokmac Nguen he is courageous and tireless, Kristoffer Zachariassen struggles in the spinal cord, Kovacevic has office and presence. Little talent perhaps to fight in Europe, but capable of boring a timid rival like Betis who stepped lightly on Benito Villamarín’s grass in the first half.

Channels and Guido they were not finished with the center of the field and the meeting seemed like a noisy parade. Single Borja Iglesias placeholder image he created danger, like a castaway, improvising tools. He had it in the 30th minute, after a persistence with Samy mmae, but the goalkeeper Dibusz He blocked his shot. Just an instant later, he invented a shot from inside the large area again, after a small mess on the plot, but this time it was his own partner Miranda who interrupted the path of the ball when it went straight to the net.

The Hungarians attacked disorderly and direct, but Betis could not tame the ball, pause the game, prevail at ground level. Pellegrini he got angry in the band. Stöger he observed the game hieratically. Claudio Bravo he did not suffer, but concern hovered ghostly over the green rectangle. It was low income. The rest calmed the spirits. The dressing room seemed hot seeing the face of the Chilean coach, who continued to correct positions after the referee’s truce whistle.

Channel Golazo

Time puts everything in its place, as in a transparent chess in which each piece has an unappealable path. Talent is a kind of permanence. Canales, who had tried without luck in the first half, tamed a ball in the confines of the area, got away from his marker, took a deep breath and with a warped and precise shot he beat the visiting goalkeeper from a distance. A great goal that cooled the game, discouraged the eagles and appeased the Verdiblanca fans.

The Betics were able to expand the account in 62. Tello does not make bicycles, Tello has a Jog and arrives skidding to the square. Individual play and good shot that Dibusz deflected after a superb flight. The one from Sabadell was important for his team, in need of overflow and agitation at the top, with Joaquín erratic and off and a Borja Iglesias that was diluted with the passing of the minutes.

Pellegrini moved the bench out of necessity, came out Rui Silva for an injured Bravo, and for pleasure, Lainez and Saved They entered to bring a little more spark to the Betis game. Laidouni He came out on the Magyar side, but it was too late for miracles. The Tunisian was the best of his team in the first leg, but the coaches have reasons that the reason is unknown. The meeting became self-absorbed and Beticismo was already looking askance at the game that in Germany faced Bayer and Celtic. The Scots were freaking out but the aspirin team ended up winning. Betis are already in the next round of the Europa League after a group stage in which, except in the clashes against the Germans, they have shown reliability, competitiveness and enthusiasm

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