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Europa League: Barcelona survives torture in Frankfurt europa league 2021

Europa League: Barcelona survives torture in Frankfurt  europa league 2021

A goal from Ferran Torres (1-1) frees Azulgrana from defeat against Tej Eintracht

Ferran Torres scores in Frankfurt.Michael ProbstAP

For an hour in Frankfurt, Barcelona suffered such anguish that securing a draw was nothing short of a blessing. Eintracht reprimanded Xavi’s football players that, if it wasn’t certain, it was because the coach knew how to heal himself in time. He freed the dumbbell from the bench. Also de Jong. At first, with that carefree bohemian demeanor, one finally dared to go in. And the other found a double wall with Ferran Torres trying, with his toe, to reach the goal that allowed Azulgrana to advance to the Europa League semi-finals.

The Upper Ring of the legendary Waldstadion in Frankfurt, where a cold wind blew, attracted attention with its menacing appearance. The darkness of the upper part of the stand contrasted with a red light that plunged those present there into something akin to an earthly hell. Eintracht Frankfurt received Barcelona with the belief that they are facing one of the most important events in recent years. This was demonstrated by a devoted fan who gave up their lives in each jump, in each slog of encouragement. The field trembled.

And Barcelona, ​​who had just visited Istanbul in the last round, quickly understood that if they did not engage in the fight, the opponent would run over them. Eintracht is only ranked ninth in the Bundesliga or its players are not very technically savvy.

Ferran Torres started the night with a brilliant shot from goalkeeper Kevin Trapp. But Barcelona’s first approach was far from a forerunner of what was to come. As damage to Barcelona began to occur in the construction phase, locals were expected to lie like wolves to hunt.

A frantic transition composed by Lindström and for which right-handed winger Knauf made sense with a back pass, allowed Sou to find himself with one of the opportunities any footballer dreams of: alone. On the penalty spot and in hands with Garland with goalkeeper Ter Stegen. But the midfielder, who is right-handed, ended up with his left foot so badly that the ball deceived him where it shouldn’t have gone.

rose up

The plan hatched by Javi did not work in that first act. The Barca coach thought he would counteract the passion with which Eintracht played up his peculiar 3-4-2-1 formation by setting de Jong and Demble from the start so that Gavi and Adama, who had lost control in recent weeks, started can do , The winger, who got a double help on his side, stood out more for his slips than the space race seeks. Whereas the young majestic midfielder, despite pushing himself to unexpected boundaries, failed to give clarity to his team. The same happened with Pedri, whom the German football player managed to capture for a long time. Only Ferran Torres’ lone maneuvers gave Barcelona some light that could not keep up with Glasner’s footballers.

What difference does it make if Intrachat’s plan was as simple as that. Deny the time and space of Azulgrana and carry out attacks that are apparently inconsistent because of their speed, but are very dangerous. Gavi drew out a cross in the area where Knauf was expecting the hammer. However, Barcelona were very close to the penalty that Serbian referee Jovanovic found fit to rectify after being warned by VAR. The referee went to the monitor to show that Sergio Busquets, when Santos Bor was already preparing to execute Ter Stegen after Kostik’s umpteenth center, reached before the ball.

Piku’s injury

Barcelona got rid of it after losing Pique in the 23rd minute to a muscle injury. Although Lenglet, his substitute, could have changed little.

Things didn’t improve at the start of the second half as there was no way to equalize the physical fight, and neither were the Bara players able to connect the pass with the meaning. until Eintracht was rewarded for his competitive desire with Knauff’s squad shoes. Despite the fact that all he had to do was defend a corner, no one thought it appropriate to supervise the former Dortmund winger at the front. And well Knauff thanked him, with Ter Stegen as a spectator. The blow could have been worse if he found Lindstrom’s door right after.

Changes have come. Xavi noticed that Gavi and Adama had not worked. And the precision with which de Jong worked with Ferran Torres put Barcelona out of it, which, despite playing in superiority after Tuta’s ouster in 78, didn’t have the strength for much anymore. This time it was enough to survive.

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