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EuroLeague: Worst Barra sinks into attack and plays in fifth game against Bayern. Euroleague 2021

EuroLeague: Worst Barra sinks into attack and plays in fifth game against Bayern.  Euroleague 2021

Jasikevicius’s team falls in Munich, where they were down to 19 points, and will dispute a pass in the last four on Tuesday.

Nick Weiler-Babb with the ball against Kyle Kuric.EFE
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The worst of the season was the Bara Munich crash with a bang. In contrast they had a united and confident Bayern, but a defeat in which they appeared 19 points away on the scoreboard should be traced to their very poor offensive performance. Above all, in the triples: they were only able to score five in 29 attempts. However, it wasn’t the only blunder that condemned him to play everything for everything in the fifth game. The hunt for a rival basket repeatedly seemed to be a Titanic attempt, and the mere fact that Bayern did not have their best afternoon prevented the result from going even higher than the final 59–52. [Narracin y estadstica: 59-52]

the group that directs Sarunas Jasikevicius He began writing his sentence with the very precarious already under attack. Bayern, with a dominant chorale game, was much more dominant than the Catalans. the fact that sanali Getting the first two points was just a mirage. Turkey and mirotic They were among Barcelona’s best fans in the first quarter, which ended with an 18–12 defeat and horrific condolence from Jasikevicius’ men. A team, which stood out for its scoring aspect throughout the regular stage, showed an almost study-worthy mistake against an opponent that, in fact, did not sweat the ink to fulfill its objective of forcing a fifth match. .

The start of the second period also confirmed the bad signs that had been predicted in the first ten minutes. Azulgrana, horribly unsuccessful, with terrible statistics in the triple (they could only convert one of 11 shots in the entire first half) saw how Bayern were able to handle the 12-point maximum margin, simply, As a block with few cracks in attack and, above all, in defense. Barra’s offensive errors would, in the end, send the duel to rest with a 36-25 over advantage for an opponent who went to the locker room and was convinced he had a fifth game in the palm of his hand.

Loss in the third quarter

A conviction that, in fact, only escalated after the break. If Barra was already a disaster in the first half of the duel, his third quarter was already a catastrophe. Azulgrana only scored nine points, thanks to an action in the end from Davis, Bayern got a 19-point advantage and didn’t make much blood, as Haste was able to do so at several moments. 50–34 of which Jasikevicius’ men faced the final ten minutes was weighed down like a slab until the final moments. With Barcelona fans narrowing the gap to just seven points, it was enough for the locals to settle for a 59-52 win that will force everything to settle in Palau on Tuesday. Until then, it will be better for Azulgrana to rediscover their best version if they don’t want to bid goodbye to the EuroLeague dream before they reach the last four.

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