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EuroLeague: Reborn Real Madrid flew in style to the Final Four | Euroleague 2021

EuroLeague: Reborn Real Madrid flew in style to the Final Four |  Euroleague 2021

Maccabi Platica 76 Real Madrid 87

Led by Lul, Yabusele and Hanga, in another display of seriousness and consistency, they defeated Maccabi again 3–0 to seal their ticket to Belgrade.

Hunga drops a layoff in front of the Maccabi defense in Tel Aviv.abir sultanEFE

Real Madrid confirmed their catharsis in La Mano de Illas, an unbeatable setting, a fierce venue for the legendary duet between two old rivals. As a revival of their recent losing streak, the Whites crushed Maccabi to finish the quarterfinal series on the fast track and return to the Final Four three years later. This will be the seventh time (out of a possible nine) it was lassoPerhaps the most surprising. [76-87: Narracin y estadsticas]

Because, you have to repeat it to believe it, Madrid came in a moment of truth in the middle of an abyss so deep that the light seemed impossible. embroiled in defeat, in disconnection, and even in additional game episodes such as the affair Thompkins-Hertel, The same team that was dangerously undone in Tenerife or against Bayern, dwarfed against Barra or that did not exceed 47 points in Kaunas. He himself displayed the power of such hope now that he was the only man to stand 3-0 in Belgrade. Because, that was why it had to be Europe, where its history shines, the place of its rebirth.

Lasso was not going to change his roadmap. Bet on the one who revived him. ie reintroduction of Gabby Deck After overcoming covid – and getting on the plane to Tel Aviv almost fleeing – this did not mean a slight mutilation against Maccabi – in fact, the Argentine, who was the most used, did not even play- of those who have been called to get the bus Jeff Taylor Who has not yet recovered from the problem of his cervix. And soon the fight looked like an extension of what happened at WiZink last week. It was not a mirage. The white defensive fangs are directed by hung up and threaten TavaresAnd his aggressive spontaneity to dominate this time without the trio.


But Maccabi now had its wounded pride and the fervor of the Hand of Ellas, a brutal environment, a devoted country. And Wilbekin took it personally, despite his initial defensive efforts. After Williams-Gauss and Cosur, The Florida base was the beginning and end of the Hebrews, who attested as white benches lal Under control, he didn’t lower the bar on energy and focus.

Already in the second act, Lasso’s group threatened to break a macabre that had been suspected (34–48), for which a 2–0 victory by Wyzink haunted him like a ghost. Because he could find no way to hurt his opponent, the mighty in paint, lightning on the periphery: adam hanga It was the epitome of excellence. And in the second hoop, with the strength of the defence, the more coral Madrid grew, the more the ball moved forward with confidence and ease: 18 of 20 baskets in the first half came after assists.

Desperate, Maccabee moved on, inspired by the warmth of his stands around the locker room. For a 5-0 start. To the extent of aggression. But luck was also with the visitors, with a Williams-Gauss three-pointer like a bottle of oxygen at the bottom of the ocean. He gritted his teeth in Madrid, another run of character, and handed himself over to Lull on one of those nights. Magically, the Spaniard took the podium and, luckily, once again closed the third quarter with another three-pointer, missing his second free throw to further increase the distance (61-73).

But it was as if the white players multiplied, as if there were two Hungas or two Rudy. no one could stop yabusele, Gained self-love, self-confidence. The Pima from which to reach any sky. a third of abalde With six minutes to go, given the local frustration, it was already the final blow, despite the fact that Maccabi never gave up. A self-evident fact requires no proof. A ticket to Belgrade, where he is already waiting for the rest, mainly Barra, with whom he will meet in the semi-finals. As in 2013, Lassimo’s first Final Four, where Maccabi was also an opponent, was swallowed up in the quarterfinals.

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