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EuroLeague: Olympiakos surprises Barcelona and puts pressure on Madrid Euroleague 2021

The Greeks’ victory (73–66) forced Lasso’s men to take second place to win their last game against Bayern.

Image of the match between Barcelona and Olympiakos.Georgia PanagopoluEFE
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a olympicos With permission to distribute at will in the pavilion of peace and friendship pass over Bara in the second part of their duel in Euroleague to win 73-66 Which gives him at least a certainty. allows to dream of snatching second place from real Madrid Who is dependent on himself in spite of everything. The Greeks, in fact, can only wait: they have already finished all their games. If the whites beat Bayern at homeThey will come back to the front. Piraeus team tops a . was glued to the glow of Shaquille McKisick (20 points, 21 ratings) Directly doing what he wants with permission, including free kicks, to achieve one of those tremendous physical victories, to put it mildly, that his public so loved does.

With a 2-10 partial, signed by Barra in the first moments of the game Michael Caicedo Except for the good deeds in the starting lineup and the occasional bad decision, it was just a mirage. Olympiakos, with two consecutive triples, one of tyler dorseyhis best in those first ten minutes, and the second Sasha Vezhenkov This allowed the locals to get back into the game and made it clear that Azulgrana would have to work really hard to win the duel. Barcelona fans, however, after the blow, knew to regroup themselves to take the first partial win at 13-19 that, on paper, allows them to approach the second quarter in good spirits.

Olympiakos, however, with McKissico And with Tyler Dorsey as his best argument, he almost returned one by one to respond to the blows of Barra, who found, on his way to rest, two set tasks. nick calathea To go to the changing room with a gain of seven points (33-40) in the light. The culmination, in turn, was a hard-fought partial victory 20-21. American Greco’s first action came after stealing the bottom of the basket when the attacking action seemed completely pointless. The second, meanwhile, was a three-pointer from about ten meters a few seconds before it ran out of possession.

The third quarter was the beginning of the end for Barra. His opponent overtook Azulgrana at both ends of the track. They were only able to score eight points over the entire period and the locals, with a tremendously favorable 10–0 run, were able to advance on the scoreboard for the first time (48–47) as the fourth, despite frequent failures in free throws. In the last section in which the sparks started flying. McKissick, after the last triple certac sanali He would only manage to score one out of two free throws, as well as extending his advantage to three points (51–48). among them Sarunas jasikeviciusPerhaps trying to bite the bullet, he managed to advance against an opponent in the early stages of the fourth quarter, which accelerated McKissick to an unexpected limit, in response to the visitors’ attempt to win a 73 in the end. suffocated – 66.

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