Home Sport Euroleague: Mirotic subject to CSKA overcome by vertigo | Euroleague 2020

Euroleague: Mirotic subject to CSKA overcome by vertigo | Euroleague 2020

 Euroleague: Mirotic subject to CSKA overcome by vertigo |  Euroleague 2020

Itoudis’s team, led by Voigtman’s six triples, seemed to blow up the game in the third quarter, only to see how the locals reacted in the last (81-73).

Mirotic rises before Milutinov’s defense.EFE
  • 81-73 at the Palau Narration and statistics
  • Classification Bara, Madrid and Milan, in front

The Bara, able to show his worst and his best side in a high voltage second part and guided by a Nikola Mirotic who, once again, knew how to appear when he was most needed (21 points, 27 valuation), he beat a CSKA who was overcome by vertigo at the Palau. The Russians, mainly hand in hand with a Johannes voigtman lethal in the triples in the third quarter (21 points, 23 rating), they were unable to maintain the advantage (51-61) with which they had reached the last period and ended up being overwhelmed by the Catalans (81-73).

Both contenders starred in a very locked first quarter, with Rokas Jokubaits and Nick calathes taking the lead for the Catalans in scoring tasks and Marius grigonis and Tornike shengelia as the most prominent of the Russians. Both of them threw a lot of physicality, with CSKA at times touching the limit and showing much more successful than their rival when it came to fighting for rebounds. That, to a large extent, explains why the scoreboard reached the end of the first period with a tie (13-13).

In the second quarter things changed. And a lot. El Bara took a step forward on a defensive level, forcing over and over again the loss of his rival or to take the clock to the end without finding a shooting solution. The irruption, in the final stretch of the period, of Mirotic, together with the usual good toe in the triples of Kyle kuric and the vision of Calathes were decisive to lift the Catalans to a maximum advantage of 12 points (36-24) in the last moments of the quarter.

Partial 13-33

Advantage that would be trimmed with a timely Voigtman triple just to see how, with a slate action of Sarunas Jasikevicius starring Calathes and Brandon davies, the party finally went to rest 11 points up (38-27).

The locals promised them very happy with the triple with which Kuric opened the third period, but only to see the start of Voigtman’s tremendous exhibition immediately. With three consecutive triples, the German, shielded by Shengelia and with Grigonis starring in an almost unlikely action, was decisive for CSKA to endorse a severe correction. The 13-33 run seemed to leave everything in the hands of the visitors, able to stand ten points up in the last period (51-61).

All the toe that CSKA lacked in the triples in the first half seemed to have found it at once. El Bara, however, far from being daunted, gritted his teeth at the start of the last quarter to, with the irruption, again, of the best version of Mirotic, endorsing him a partial of 24-7 that allowed him to command again (75 -67). Davies, capable of dancing like no one in painting, and the anarchy, sometimes positive and sometimes not so much, of Jokubaitis would also be decisive in overcoming the, apparently, physical shock of Calathes and ending up imposing on the rocky Russian ensemble.

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