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Euroleague: Maccabi storms off with an exhibition by Nunnally in Palau (80-104). Euroleague 2021

Barcelona protected some players, such as Laprovitola and Kuric, and lost at home.

Nanaji tries to block Williams this Thursday.Enrique FontaubertaEFE

an exhibition of coffee James Nunnally (18 points, 23 ratings), simple but punctual motivation of Scotty Wilbekin (20 points, PIR of 17) and a fatal goal in the triple (16 hits in 27 attempts) were great arguments for Maccabi to win against Bara in Palau (80–104).

well it’s true that Sarunas Jasikevicius took advantage of the fact that the men were not at their own stake to comfort nico laprovitola either Kyle Curic, whose shooting from the periphery could have been useful, but, perhaps, he also preferred to think a little about the duel against Real Madrid on Sunday. So, I took the opportunity to give the young man a head start james nazik And even minutes for those who have already recovered rockus jokubatis, But, as with everything, the necklace, because of its size, will make it little less than a burnt horn.

Because Maccabi exploded like a cyclone in Palau. your technician, every even, apparently setting up an exchange of blows in which Azulgrana only managed to respond and even advanced on the scoreboard in the early moments of the first quarter. A momentary 15–14 for the locals was answered by an 8–13 run by the visitors, which allowed them to go with Nunnally in the second period (23–27), with a four-point lead, Williams You Evans And a fatal toe in the triple as their best argument.

The visitors, far from hitting the break, went 11 points too early as the second quarter began, much to the dismay of a Jasikevicius who always demands the best from his team in defense. When Bara dared to shorten the distances with the motivation of punctuality Abrines either mirotic, Maccabi returned to put salt in the wound. To this, in this case, the contribution of Roman Sorkin And Scotty Wilbekin felt somewhat disconnected in the first ten minutes. It was with a heist and an almost unimaginable triple, that his team would go to rest with the maximum margin they earned at the start of the period (46–57).

El Barra, apparently, tried to piece together his act upon his return from the locker room. With a run of 8-2, they were able to quickly reduce the gap to five points (54-59). However, Maccabi maintained his composure at all times and, mainly clinging to Nunnally’s excellent sensibilities, managed to stand an eight-point lead (68–76) in the final quarter, which he gave to the Barcelona fans. His only partial victory in the entire match (22–19).

There, precisely, in the final ten minutes, the Israeli team would resume their toughest version, reclaiming their fatal goal from 6.75 beyond the line and with one. wilbekin In confrontation with the azulgrana, once again, the overwhelming willingness to take in more than an excellent taste in the mouth. Visitors liked it. So much so that he also sent 26 points (78-104) on the scoreboard. The last effective attack action, that of recovered jokubaitis, only served to leave the final result less painful 80–104.

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