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Euroleague: Laprovittola display leads Bara to victory over Villeurbanne | Euroleague 2020

 Euroleague: Laprovittola display leads Bara to victory over Villeurbanne |  Euroleague 2020

The Argentine went up to 25 points in a new Blaugrana party in the European competition (60-80).

Laprovittola during the game.FCB
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Nico Laprovittola he took his chance. With the last minute sick leave due to injury to Nick calathes, the Argentine took the baton and signed an entire exhibition (25 points, 28 valuation) for a Bara who, finally, managed to take an away victory against the Villeurbanne. In a third quarter in which Nikola Mirotic also pulled the car to lift a team that had gone into halftime with many doubts, Laprovittola ended up blowing up a game in which Sarunas Jasikevicius’s men took a resounding victory by 60- 80

El Bara gave one of lime and one of sand in the first part. On the one hand, he signed an excellent first quarter in defense and in turn managed to get a good loot. As soon as the second period started, he promised them again very happily, taking the 9-19 obtained in the first ten minutes to a 9-24 that, apparently, put things tremendously on his face to find a comfortable match. The locals, however, mainly by means of Kostas Antetokounmpo and Chris jones They signed a 10-0 run that put them fully into the game.

About was the Villeurbanne, even, to pay him with the same currency. A few moments before the break, they managed to reduce the advantage achieved in the first instance by Bara to just one point. Those of Jasikevicius made waters in defense and were tremendously erratic in offensive tasks, against a rival who knew how to put one more march in the vicinity of their basket in time and perfectly distribute the responsibilities in attack. A last act of Rokas JokubaitsDespite everything, he allowed them to go to the locker room with a little more margin (28-31), but with terribly negative feelings to face the second half of the duel.

Some sensations that Laprovittola erased with a stroke of the pen in a third quarter in which Bara took out the steamroller. The Argentine triples festival, to which he also added his particular grain of sand MiroticThey more than made up for the fact that Barça were again not very correct on a defensive level. The final part of 19-31 showed it very clearly, on the part of the locals it was above all Ellie okobo who tried to prevent Villeurbanne from leaving the party definitively, with little success.

The 47-62 with which he was going to start the last quarter seemed by now an impossible mountain to climb for the French. Very especially, against a rival who knew how to find his best defensive performance again. Laprovittola added two more triples to his credit and allowed actions that even won the applause of the Villeurbanne fans. So placid could the end of the duel be for the Catalans that Jasikevicius even gave minutes to another young man, the Uruguayan Agustin Ubal, and Michael Caicedo He was able to add a couple of dunks to his scoring account to end up closing a game that the Catalans took with an undeniable 60-80 on the scoreboard.

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