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Euroleague: Jokubaitis knocks out Efes and Ataman puts on a show at the Palau: “I’m the champion!” | Euroleague 2020

 Euroleague: Jokubaitis knocks out Efes and Ataman puts on a show at the Palau:

Barcelona 82 Anadolu Efes 77

Barça wins the even reissue of the last Euroleague final. The young Lithuanian was decisive and the Turkish coach was sent off in the third quarter

Ataman, after being expelled.Enric FontcubertaEFE
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Rockas Jokubaitis, with a great second half (16 points), was in the end the man of the match. Al Anadolu Efes, the good performances of Vasilije Micic (18 points) and a Shane Larkin something diminished in the final moments (17 points) served only to put a little fear in the body of a Barça that, in a fast-paced, competitive game, prevailed to stop a bleeding that already included three consecutive defeats. And, perhaps, to rediscover your best feelings again. [82-77: Narración y estadísticas]

Barça and Anadolu Efes, the last two Euroleague finalists, had a tremendously close first half at the Palau. The first quarter, in this case, fell on the Barcelona side almost by the minimum (19-17). Between Nikola Mirotic (15 points, 15 rating), as reliable as ever, and a Cory Higgins a little closer to his best version, led to those of Jasikevicius were finally imposed by the minimum against a rival who starred in a much more choral scoring card, in which Simon he was only slightly above a Larkin who seemed to be warming up.

The shooting guard, accustomed to signing great performances against Barça over and over again, would decisively break through throughout a second quarter that, on this occasion, was won by the team he directs Ergin Ataman for 21-24. On the Barça side, Mirotic, of course, continued to be the great argument of the locals, with the collaboration, this time, of a Sertac Sanli who signed his scoring record in the duel he played precisely against his former team. The 40-41 with which the break was reached, of course, was also a clear reflection of the luck of give and take that had been the first half of the duel.

The second part, meanwhile, found two great protagonists: Jokubaitis and Micic. The Lithuanian point guard, just as he did in the first leg, ended up opting for a game that was once again extremely tight. As much as the azulgrana managed to put nine points away in the light, Anadolu Efes managed to show their legs again. And that the very angry reaction of Ergin Ataman after being disqualified with two consecutive techniques could well have taken him out of the game. The Turkish coach messed it up, first by refusing to leave the court and then by making gestures to the stands that recalled his triumph in the last Euroleague final as he left. “I am the champion!”, he yelled at the Palau in bad manners.

Barça, after a third quarter of give and take in which they managed to take a five-point lead, was once again headed for a thrilling finish. Larkin, limping, did not want to miss it, but, in the end, who ended up deciding the match was the success in the most decisive moments of Jokubaitis, no matter how much singleton excelled in the tasks of trying to keep Efes in the game. The 82-77 with which the match ended allowed the azulgrana, in the end, to break their last losing streak and consolidate their leadership in Europe.

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