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Euroleague: Jasikevicius and the time of the USSR: “I stood in line to get some bread, rice and toilet paper” | Euroleague 2021

Euroleague: Jasikevicius and the time of the USSR: "I stood in line to get some bread, rice and toilet paper" |  Euroleague 2021

The coach of Barra, who will face Bayern in the Euroleague quarter-finals, recalled his childhood, when his native Lithuania ceased to be part of the Soviet Union.

Jasikevicius during Barra’s last match.fernando galindoEFE

Bara’s coach, Lithuanian Sarunas Jasikevicius, this Wednesday recalled the hardships he experienced in his country’s “first years” after independence, when he and his parents “queued to keep some bread, rice and paper clean”. were part of.

“At first it was very difficult, because when you became an independent country, they (the USSR) cut off your access to everything that was so easy until then: food, drink, gas …”, Baltic coach explained in an interview on the Catalan public radio program ‘El Mat de Catalunya Radio’.

jasikeviciusJoe, who was about to turn 14 when Lithuania gained independent country status in 1990, said that in those “early years” he and his parents were “in queues to get some bread, rice and toilet paper”. Because they had access to these basic products. “Was pretty limited for all”.

“Afterwards I’ve been lucky enough to live eight or nine years in my country and the truth is we’re pleased with how it’s progressing. We’re so lucky to be free, to have democracy and our destiny. To choose a little bit,” said the Lithuanian.

“I’m not feeling well”

Jasikevicius, a figure in the sports world in Spain who has expressed himself more strongly about the war in Ukraine, admitted that “some days” he feels “bad” because of the same attention he initially received. Conflict is not followed with ..

“The first few weeks we were all glued to the TV, but we already have 40 days of war. We’re talking less and I feel bad. We’re next to Ukrainians, to help them. Thinking about doing things. At least talk to them about it.” I added.

Jasikevicius also recognized that Russia has “fallen far behind” in the past 30 years compared to other former Soviet republics such as Lithuania, which in this time “have taken a giant step forward in living standards and progressed as a country”. is.”

“Perhaps the people of Russia support him (A.) Vladimir Putin), because he doesn’t know how big our countries have become. Unfortunately, they haven’t been so lucky there, but that’s their problem,” said the Bara coach.

Asked about Ukrainian athletes returning to their home countries to fight the Russian invasion, Jasikevicius said that “it’s very difficult to think about” because they are people who “train every day for a month and a half.”

“It changes your life. You can talk a lot, but you don’t even understand 10% until it reaches you. Photos are useless to understand what people are suffering,” The Baltic coach reflected.

Bara’s coach, who acknowledged concerns about his country’s proximity to the war, said what he would do if Lithuania were invaded: “In this situation, decisions have to be made. Fortunately, it seems we Not in it yet. We are very happy to be part of NATO.”

“Some countries think, ‘As long as it’s not my war, I’m not too worried.’ Unfortunately, this is human nature. Here you might think that everything is very far, but in the modern world everything is very close, ”he said. Bara coach.

When asked about the re-incorporation of Russian teams into the EuroLeague, Jasikevicius stated that, although “it’s very difficult to talk about it right now”, the competition with these teams previously had “no problems” and “has been changed”. was war”.

“As long as there is war, it is impossible to propose their re-entry, but we will have to see when it ends,” he said.

Finally, the Lithuanian Koch made reference to the political situation in Catalonia: “It is always important to live in a democracy. One way or another, the Catalan people have to decide.”

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