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Euroleague: Heurtel drives Baskonia mad and Real Madrid feast | Euroleague 2020

 Euroleague: Heurtel drives Baskonia mad and Real Madrid feast |  Euroleague 2020

Baskonia 60 Real Madrid 88

Madrid takes off after the French scuffle with Baldwin and closes November with eight victories. Tavares, Abalde and Causer, the other outstanding

Heurtel, before Peters, at the Buesa Arena.David AguilarEFE
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Real Madrid’s great November had its climax in Vitoria, a usual rough square. With total dominance of the stage, the whites added their eighth victory of the month, a plenary session that became a feast against a Baskonia that does not seem to show much improvement with the relief on their bench. A beating almost identical to the one a month ago at ACB and one that keeps the team Pablo Laso at the summits of the Euroleague. [60-88: Narracin y estadsticas]

At the first shake, all the initial enthusiasm of the people from Vitoria faded. The defense of Madrid was again the key, frustrating for almost anyone, without conceding in the one on one and indecipherable in the paint, where Tavares and Poirier – and all its good allies – spread terror. So many times it seems to rivals like hitting a wall.

The night in Vitoria had a key moment, a spark that accelerated hell. When he still promised, when he still seemed to have left, Heurtel and Baldwin, which naughty children, so much riding, riding so much, got caught up in a poke of some elbow and another push. The brawl did not pass to greater but, in the middle of the fire in the stands of Buesa against his former player -one of many, in Madrid yesterday they were also Poirier, Hanga, Causeur…-, the whites saw the opening to shred what was left of the battle.

Abalde and Causeur, adding

There were four consecutive triples, two Heurtel and two Rudy, like daggers to the Baskonist heart, which fights these days against itself, against that beginning of the course to forget that it has ended with the third era of Dusko Ivanovic. Neven Spahija he has at least regained the collective’s self-esteem (or so it seems, at the moment), but he still has miles left in basketball. In that imps of the second quarter, the seams were already seen on the rebound, while the whites put on their boots with a great success from the perimeter.

Madrid had dawned without bases in the quintet, with an early part of 2-18 and with Abalde almighty. Without making noise, the Galician summed up in every corner of the pitch. He went into halftime with five points, eight rebounds and four assists, although the white strut had been Causeur, that silent killer in such good form this fall.

The difference did nothing but increase. Because Laso’s were in offensive cyclone mode (nine Heurtel assists), we were confident, taking advantage of second chances, playing in transition to the smallest opportunity. Hardly the strange losses on the front line hurt them and only Enoch at the beginning and after Fontecchio they managed to find some loophole in the visiting painting, which, at times, seemed insurmountable. A triple on the horn of the third quarter of Hanga, totally unbalanced, was the best symptom of what was happening on the court.

It had been a while since what was given, with advantages that were around 30 points. Another blush for a Baskonia so far from what it was, that it does not finish abandoning its particular ordeal.

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