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EuroLeague: Between “shame” and backlash: The final against Bayern that no one expected at Barca de Jasikevicius. Euroleague 2021

EuroLeague: Between "shame" and backlash: The final against Bayern that no one expected at Barca de Jasikevicius.  Euroleague 2021

Barca – Bayern (8:00 pm, DAZN)

Azulgrana, the best team of the regular season in the EuroLeague, will play against the stunning Bayern de Trinchieri in fifth

Jasikevicius during a match in Munich.Leonard SimonEFE
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Just two months ago, everything was upbeat and greatness was planned at Barça. They had just won the cup final against Real Madrid, they were leading the ACB and EuroLeague and eternal rivals, repeatedly defeated, were in deep trouble of consequences and sensations. Now, however, they are of Sarunas Jasikevicius which do not carburize as predicted and which Paul Lasso Who are waiting for the opponent in the Final Four in Belgrade.

Because this Tuesday (8:00 p.m., DAZN), Barca have an unexpected final in Palau. Fifth game without a net against Bayern Munich. Against the eighth-ranked team in the Euroleague regular stage, which received a ticket to the quarter-finals, thanks mainly to the expulsion of three Russian teams (CSKA, Zenit and UNIX) due to the invasion of Ukraine. and that, to make matters worse, he lost one of his references, Darun HilliardAs the series begins (Corey Walden even less).

But it’s hard to trust a team whose controls are histrionic Andrea Trincheri, The German, who forced a fifth against Armani Milan last year, surprised Barca in the second game in Palau Deshaun Thomas (25 points, 6 out of 7 triples) – and also in fourth in Munich. Now they have nothing to lose, there is a danger. And checking suspicions that, suddenly, have attacked Barça.

“Tough Defeat”

Jasikevicius’ usual relegation after each loss for his team raised the bar after scoring just 52 points at the Audi Dome. “The culprit is neither the coach, nor the referee, nor the opponent… the culprit is you. Everyone has to look in the mirror and I hope they feel embarrassed because I feel it. I don’t know how to apologize for that.” Or not. Team image”, declared the Lithuanian, who already doubted that his team would be able to close the series away from home.

“It is a tough defeat for the image of the team. This is not the first time this team has done this. We are not going to lie to our fans. It is very hard to accept such a brutal change in 48 hours We have one of Europe’s best players here”, continued Saras, who has seen his team lose six of the last 12 matches they have played, just when the season’s moment of truth is approaching. And the team’s sole objective is to win the EuroLeague again which they lost in last year’s final against Efes.

The backing for Barca, who took a break against Burgos on Sunday at the ACB, is that they have never won a fifth game in EuroLeague history. Although he will travel to Belgrade to become a party on Tuesday and in a few days to repeat the Clásico against Madrid in the last four, he will have to overcome, among other things, overseas success. between Kyle Curic (20 out of 3) and Nikola MiroticHe has scored only 8 runs out of the last 36 triples. Corey Higgins It is his only casualty, who is about to return from his operation on his foot.

Real Madrid and Efes are already waiting to rival after solving their qualifiers against Maccabi and Olympia Milan, with the series between Olympiakos and stunning Monaco also leading up to the fifth round. It will be a Wednesday (8:30 pm) in Piraeus, with clear favors from the locals.

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