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EuroLeague: Bayern storm Palau and paint Barcelona. Euroleague 2021

EuroLeague: Bayern storm Palau and paint Barcelona.  Euroleague 2021

An open country Thomas leads the German team (75–90), taking advantage of the home court.

Bayern’s Deshan Thomas celebrates a three pointer during the match.Quique GarciaEFE
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a great game of Deshaun Thomas (25 points, PIR of 29), particularly lethal in a highly motivated second quarter, with . quality of Nick Weiler-Babbo (12 points, 20 ratings) and lethal aim of andreas osto Two decisive triples at the end of the third quarter marked Bayern’s attack on Palau (75–90). Bara got inspiration in very special moments Nikola Mirotic, nico laprovitola You nick calathea Opposed, unsuccessfully, a final result that required him to win at least one game in Germany if he wanted to reach the last four. And all in all, with an image far removed from that version, which practically collapsed at the regular stage of the competition.

Bayern, of course, jumped on the track with a tremendously plugged in defence. And, moreover, with very good manners in the attack. In the first period, thanks to the inspiration of Laprovitola, above all, Barra survived as best he could. On the German side, meanwhile, Weiler-Babb, tops, and Dedovic They stood little above a very coral and almost uninteresting team, which imposed itself with some refinement on Azulgrana at the end of the fourth (18–23).

In another, meanwhile, it was a full exposition by Tomas that broke the game forever. The American signed a disastrous 0-10 run to open the gap to 15 points after the opening basket by Hayes, making things very difficult for Jasikevicius’ men. An Indiana player’s score of 16 would also coincide with his team’s (31–47) maximum advantage. Something that the locals, clinging to the inspiration of Calathea above all, managed to be timid before the break (35-48).

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It was no use jumping on the court for Bara, as he was confident of his chance to resume. Mirotic sometimes found his version to be neat and Kyle Curic He managed to convert a few Providential triples to allow his team what they dreamed of tightening things up for the start of the third period. Azulgrana, in fact, reached within five points of the Bavarian and managed to maintain that gap almost to the end of the period. then he got up andreas osto With two consecutive triplets, the locals reeled in. In this case, up to 11 points on the horizon (56-67).

The start of the last quarter allowed Mirotica for a moment to think that another heroic comeback might be possible. Al Barra, however, lacked the lead in the triple in the deciding moments. And for Bayern, in this case, long enough to seek the property was, in most cases, successfully reached, to suffocate any attempts by the locals to come into the game. among them jasikeviciusThey were also overcome by frustration in the final section of a duel in which Bayern won a disastrous 15 points (75–90) margin, indicating that the Catalans have not completely come out of the arenas in which they are. Recent dates have joined.

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