Home Sport Euroleague: Anthony Randolph is here (and Thompkins too) | Euroleague 2020

Euroleague: Anthony Randolph is here (and Thompkins too) | Euroleague 2020

 Euroleague: Anthony Randolph is here (and Thompkins too) |  Euroleague 2020

Real Madrid 89 Bitci Baskonia 74

Real Madrid go over Baskonia again with the best version of the pvot and the return of Trey after eight months of injury. Yabusele and Abalde also stood out in a match that Tavares and Rudy missed due to covid

Yabusele and Causeur try to catch the ball against Sedekerskis.EUROLEAGUE
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An hour before the duel, covid scares, it was announced that Eddy Tavares will join rudy fernndez as low by contagion. What not long ago were insurmountable shocks, now they are mere anecdotes for a buoyant Real Madrid, who didn’t flinch against Bitci Baskonia. in the return of Trey Thompson Eight months later, the Whites beat the Vitorians to continue at the top of this troubled Euroleague. [89-74: Narracin y estadsticas]

Knowing how to adapt to the ups and downs is key in the turbulent waters of the present, where players disappear, matches are postponed, all without much time to react. Baskonia, who had been without playing, was a shadow at WiZink, with no trace of competitiveness. He was going to take the third review of the season so far against a solid and superior Madrid, which had a couple of men touched by a magic wand.

The white roller sensation was a constant and Gerschon Yabusele, recently renovated until 2025, the tip of its spear. His dawn was devastating. When he went to the bench for the first time, in 12 minutes he had added 15 points without fail and five rebounds. The advantage had already exceeded ten and at that moment the WiZink had another joy: one of the most charismatic and beloved guys, the dapper Thompkins, returned.

Who already remembered the absent ones? Madrid’s last time in the Euroleague was on December 22, when with only six players from the first team, the youth squad gave CSKA a lesson. The one now, waiting for gabriel deck, is a luxury at the orders of Paul Laso. Faced with Baskonia’s laziness, which he did not commit any fouls, Madrid lengthened the advantage. The bleeding on the paint was blatant. Even Randolph, playing five, put on his boots (12 rebounds in 12 minutes). It was the other great news of the white night, the fullness of the one that broke the Achilles a year ago.

There was not too much script twist around the locker room. Madrid put the maximum (59-39) and the triples of Costello they seemed to make Baskonia react later (61-48). But the slab was too much for those of a cariacontecido Spadaughter. The second part was that of Anthony Randolph, who begins to look like the one from before and who was joined by an invigorated Abalde. Despite the lack of rhythm that made him exhaust himself soon, the American showed the physical impetus of yesteryear and signed a double-double.

The Baskonia, which did not have Marinkovic nor with Raieste and that a few days ago he fired NnokoHe barely had a crack. nine down, Giedraitis he made a bad decision and Abalde punished him with a triple that buried any dream of a comeback. Afterwards, even Thompkins had time to gain confidence.

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