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EuroLeague: Another mistake by Real Madrid set fire: in the quarter-finals, against the champions | Euroleague 2021

Real Madrid 88 Bayern Munich 97

White, who won 21, partly fit 7–32 against Bayern, who had nothing at stake and fell to fourth. they will see them against eface

The deck, before Bayern players, on WiZink.Kiko HuescaEFE
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Whistles blew on WiZink, a disastrous run run, before what happened Ozziplatico, before the umpteenth blackout of Real Madrid, the most serious, the one that condemns him to a path of thorns, which spoils all the work of the previous months. . An absolutely inexplicable match result, which exposes the enormous mental problem in which . group of Paul Lasso, The final act began with a 19-point lead—a maximum of 75–56—against a Bayern team with nothing at stake and lost badly. His opponent will be defending champion Anadolu Efes in the EuroLeague quarter-finals starting on 19 April. Larkin and Mico Which everyone tries to avoid. [88-97: Narracin y estadsticas]

A bullet in the leg like he doesn’t remember. On Sunday in Tenerife, when it seemed out of the way, Madrid won a crazy final 37-10. Last night in Vizink, against a tired opponent, it was 7-32. The world stops without a measure, everyone looks at each other, paralyzed attack and defense, on the pitch and on the bench. He was on his way to a night out and a triple record and was digging into a wound that seems difficult to heal.

Because the Madrid of Psychiatry signed 30 minutes almost without blame, the moment of truth of course now begins as the object of the amendment. In the midst of the worst weather they will remember in terms of shooting, a festival came from the periphery, a rain of triples to break the dangerous inertia in which the whites turn muddy: but the fly follows the spiderweb.

It has 15 losses in the last 26 matches to finish fourth in the regular season. A win would have gone to Monaco, a collapse would have led to Efes – and a hypothetical semi-final against Barra – the same rival as last year, though this time with the advantage of the home court. And that Bayern already knew you were the eighth – they would see them against those jasikevicius-, what was his third away game in five days.

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lasso decided to go hertel Even outside the call. bet on recovered abalde incumbent base and by lal As the first replacement. For a more spindly game, for a faster spin. Of course, everything gets better when you wake up with four triplets without fail. They were comfortably 13, out of 22 attempts; Up to nine white players hit at least one (only two baskets out of two). Before that typhoon, little could resist Bayern, which pulled the water out as much as it could, which fell to 19 (49–30).

around the locker room, Tavares joined the party reason, although he soon turned fourth. Bayern never threw in the towel and Madrid didn’t flow that much anymore. And he had to pay the price for being active in defense. I accepted 3-13, but lul broke it with the 15th treble of the night and soon the 16th came, hung up, And on the 17th, another by lull… Trio returned and calmed down. Although the hardest was yet to come, the lack of consistency to which Lasso attributes the group’s ailments, which is partly due to Annals 7–32 (82–88), bursting into one night that was a relief. DeShawn Thomas and Jaramazzi Executioner Were, Special Mention for Othello Hunter, Cisco and Obsto In a victory they will soon be forgotten.

There is no respite for this divine Madrid, in which everyone disappeared to the finish line. He visits Palau at the ACB on Sundays amid the most galloping crisis in memory.

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