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Euroleague: A Christmas Carol: the heroic Real Madrid ravaged by the covid brings down CSKA | Euroleague 2020

 Euroleague: A Christmas Carol: the heroic Real Madrid ravaged by the covid brings down CSKA |  Euroleague 2020

With six healthy players and three homegrown players, the Whites defeated the old Russian rival, petrified at the WiZink. Klavzar, Sediq Garuba and Baba Miller debuted and Tavares and Williams-Goss led the astonishment

Tavares, against Milutinov, during the match at WiZink.Juanjo MartinEFE
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The game that never had to be played took place at the WiZink and was, unexpectedly, a night to remember. A heroism at the gates of Christmas, six professionals and three kids taking pride, a Real Madrid of men and children knocking down no less than CSKA, making anyone feel proud. Well, instead of embarrassment, there was emotion. [71-65: Narracin y estadsticas]

Two of the largest teams in Europe, 18 continental titles face to face, were going to settle a crazy and unequal fight in the middle of a wave of covid infections. A walk for CSKA could be predicted and it turned out to be a Russian mockery: Real Madrid stood in front with 10 casualties and three 17-year-olds who had not even debuted. The spectacle, absurd a priori, was going to be difficult to forget.

They had first been Heurtel and Pablo Laso, on Sunday Causeur. After the match in Murcia, Vincent Poirier tested positive and during the week the dripping continued (Anthony Randolph, Yabusele, Juan Nez…) until a few hours before the appointment against CSKA, when Adam hanga joined the casualty list (Thompkins, Alocn and Abalde are injured). Also at the beginning of the week the Euroleague postponed the Zalgiris-Armani Milan, due to the wave of infections in the Italian team, the last white rival in Europe …

But nobody thought it appropriate to cancel the parip in which a clash as classic as a Madrid-CSKA was becoming. Nobody cared that the Whites stood with six first-team players, forcing even a Rudy that could not finish in Murcia. The club itself had registered the youth squad during the week Baba Miller, to meet the eight necessary for it not to be canceled. The other two boys called up were Urban Klavzar and Sediq Garuba, Usman’s brother. They will never forget this Thursday in December.

Madrid-Joventut postponed

Even the Endesa League, a little earlier, postponed Madrid’s next game, on Monday in Badalona. How to continue like this? Who was winning from the Palace show? Beyond the result, the irresponsibility, the danger for a CSKA against a rival in which the virus was rampant or for the players of Madrid who were also exposed to a physical overexertion of the healthy totally inadvisable.

But the forward flight did not turn out as expected. Because in sports, logic is not always imposed. The Madrid of Chus Mateo (four out of four with Laso’s assistant) stood with a forced quintet made up of the healthy and a promise: Williams-Goss, Garuba, Taylor, Vukcevic and Tavares. And, in a marvelous mirage, in a show of enormous competitiveness, the whites have already surprised CSKA with a kick start, an 11-0 that was extended to 24-10 to rub their eyes. Tavares led a group of kids who stood up to the Muscovite ogre.

In the second quarter, the logic was imposed, that of exhaustion, that of rotations with the meritorious Klavzar or Baba Miller, boys like pearls yet to be polished, especially physically compared to the powerful Milutinov, Kurbanov or Clyburn. CSKA got into the duel, although all were doubts, as if amazed at the panorama. Even after the dressing room, the heroic local resistance could not break the night, which was planted in the final act still with an advantage. And with breath.

The offensive rebound, which has so much to do with energy, was already a headache for Madrid. But surprisingly, he was still in the gap, more so with the first triple of seven attempts to Llull or with the second from Klavzar, another Slovenian without complexes (62-55, min. 32). Yet another from Llull pushed those from Dimitris Itoudis, paralyzed before an already exhausted rival. That verged on the ridiculous in the final minutes, where Williams-Goss dressed as a superhero, with three baskets of self-love to certify the amazing, with a great game to vindicate himself.

A miracle for Christmas.

Reference from elmundo