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EuroBasket: The gall of Pradilla and Brizuela, concern for Rudy and first place against Turkey

Valencia’s Wing-Pot and Unicaza’s shooting guards are making steady strides. Scariolo, concerned about consistency: “If we play like the last 15 minutes we are an obscene team.”

Pradila, against Djalevi, in Tbilisi.Alberto Snowyfebruary
  • long term Plan B responds to Spain

If Spain beat Turkey this Wednesday (1:30 p.m., four), they will finish first in Group A, which doesn’t ensure an easy matchup in the round of 16 in Berlin that was mathematically sealed tomorrow. The fourth place in the fiercest Group A would probably be between Bosnia or Lithuania. If it loses, it will probably also be third and become even more difficult (Slovenia, Germany, France…). In any case, there is no respite for selection in this EuroBasket of volatility, where sergio scariolo He saved his complete version in the abyss of Montenegro.

A victory as a relief, the minimum objective already served, the pressure shaken. A victory without a doubt on the scoreboard, forged in a powerful first half, in which the team was as angry as a boxer and did not leave the opponent alive. The result got worse and those things were burned in the coach, who does not forgive: if we play like the last 15 minutes we are a vulgar team. This is our reality.

It was a game of knocking on doors, a show of character. And Spain discovered two people who were willing to do whatever. based on bile Jaime Pradilla and Daro Brizuela, But also the intensity and concentration that Scariolo demands at least as basic commands to be able to compete. Although ah, nobody likes Alberto Daisy, the third surprise of the afternoon in Tbilisi (for good). That’s why lorenzo brownwho could have saved minutes because of their shoulder problems, and Willie Hernangmez, remained the strongest. Also in his disturbing inertia he showed Juancho Hernangmez and Osman GarubaThe leader this time from another unit.

Defense for DoubleJevik

We have to start with Pradilla, the Mao winger-pot that opened in that league of pandemic resolved at La Fonteta, and which is growing by leaps and bounds. He carved a niche for himself during preparation, during silence and determination, and went so far as to break into the starting five at age 21 and with fourth pau gasoli To the back Your performance against your partner bojan dubjevic It was extraordinary. We taught Jaime defense shengelia Against him in the semi-finals of the Eurocup (Virtu against Valencia). And he knows you. They’ve done so well, they’ve competed for position, they’ve refused to welcome them, they’ve been needed when it was necessary. a great job. He deserves an important role, also praised by the coach and his teammate Willie: and the only basket Dubey has made is for me….

Brizuela was the essential shooter, which blow is expected, 16 points in an explosive first half. If we move the ball well, with patience and without selfishness, we have players capable of scoring from outside, assured Scariolo, who made a side for Alberto Diaz, to replace the point guard. called at the last minute Sergio Lulli after his discharge. He is with us as long as he is not hurt. I think he missed three windows for this reason. He’s a consistent player, tough defensively.

except the knee it was all good news Rudy Fernandez, who took a hit in the first half and could not come back. Facing the Turks in just 18 hours’ time is more than a doubt. Another back to back, this time against an opponent with multiple weapons. from the direction of A larkin Cowardly in scoring, up to the mighty perimeter formed by the NBA Furkan Korkamaz and Sedi Osman, But, above all, the inner game of the immense Alperan Sengun (19.3 points and nine rebounds per night), Sertak Sanli and Erkan Osmania, under orders of all ineffective ergin ataman,

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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