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EuroBasket: The EuroBasket of the loss: Turkey threatens to leave after attack on Korkamaz in locker room tunnel

The Turks were sent forward and to Sundez, as was Ataman later. A technical free kick was never taken in Germany-Lithuania.

Osman between two Georgian defenders.FIBA

EuroBasket left surprises and controversies on Sunday. Not only that, but Spain’s defeat against Belgium, on which they dominated the historic balance 20-9. of Bosnia Dazanan Moses Slovenia of the Great Favourite kicked out doncic, In that spectacular Group B, France faced Hungary who lost Madrid to an injury hung up And Germany, who remain undefeated, ended up with a Lithuania that doesn’t yet know what it’s like to win.

That duel resulted in the first major controversy, followed by a Lithuanian claim that FIBA ​​preferred to ignore. Before two extensions, the German coach gordy herberte Got a technique. But, amid the flurry and opposition, that free kick was never taken by his opponent. A potential point that has been settled on the fringes remains in limbo of conflict and which may leave Sabonis, Valencianaceae and company outside the tournament.

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But the last surprise of the day caught fire even more when the Georgians, the locals in Tbilisi, defeated the Turks after two expansions. During the last quarter, Furkan Korkamaz and Duda Sundze They got into a scuffle that miraculously didn’t turn into a fight. After an eternal deliberation, the referee decided to expel the two.

Clashes continued in the locker room tunnel, where, according to the Turkish Federation, several Georgian players and security members attacked Korkamaz. Always directed by Histrinico ergin ataman – who was later expelled after his opponent closed the win – threatened to abandon the contest, an unprecedented scandal.

Hetman.nude kurtskidzeEFE

“While Korkamaz was walking from the hall to the locker room with our coach, Georgia players who were not on the scoresheet attacked him with the kicked out player. [Sanadze] and police. At the end of the game, 30 policemen pushed us. We fought with the Georgian police,” said the president of the Turkish Federation, the former player Omar OnanAccording to Eurohoops. “If we don’t get those pictures, we will leave this tournament,” he said.

“Georgian players and some security guards insulted us. We came here to play basketball, nothing else. What happened went beyond basketball and undermined the spirit of the game,” he later told the press room. Atman’s assistant hakan demiro,

Also in that voluptuous duel, Ataman complained that the eternal review of the incident between Korkamaz and Sundze went into limbo for 22 seconds. Moments of tension in which objects also fall on the ground.

“The biggest mistake here is from FIBA. There are a thousand drawbacks from the day we arrived. The players go from the hotel to the pavilion and it takes 45 minutes. If the players’ safety cannot be guaranteed, don’t organize it. Do ,” concluded the Tough Turkey statement.

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