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EuroBasket: Sebas Saez, Gasol ‘sparring’ a star in Japan: “It’s my time”

World Cup qualification

Pvot, who decided to leave the ACB three years ago to start the Japanese adventure, proves himself right in the national team and bids for a spot in the Eurobasket. “When I return, I regret the condition of my teammates, they only want them as quotas”

Saiz during the match against Macedonia in Zaragoza.FIBA
  • Spain conceded his first defeat against Georgia

three summers ago, cebas sizzo (Madrid, 1994), one of the most promising on the national scene, made an adventure that many could not understand. “I’m going to Japan because I’m going to win more,” he announced, after two years of enduring suspicion of the Spanish player’s invisible ceiling, pigeon roles without the requisite talent. Endesa League. Today he is a star. In another world, but a star. “I am much better than when I left,” the team today (7:00 pm, teledeport) announces from Riga in the last match of the first qualifying round for the 2023 World Cup.

Restrictions due to the coronavirus have meant that Windows hero Cebas, who led Spain to the final and golden World Cup, has spent two years without being able to live under orders. sergio scariolo, On Friday in Zaragoza, he made his debut in a major tournament with the national team, scoring 19 points and nine rebounds for Macedonia, showing his candidacy for what he doesn’t want to give up anymore. “It’s my time. I’m learning gasoles, in his shadow in training, being his sparring companion. Once removed, this is a very important occasion for the rest of the interiors. I’m really looking forward to it, in great shape, at the best moment of my career”, he challenges, knows that Willie Hernangmez Be one of the sure ‘five’ and the others will fight for a place or two.

During the game in Sage, Georgia.FIBA

There are no half measures in Madrid’s discourse. It was always about brave decisions. I too did not hesitate to pack my bags at the age of 16. “I was going to earn 500 euros and be player number 14 on the Estudiantes first team. It wasn’t going to improve me,” he recalls. So he left for a high school (Sunrise Christian Academy) in 2012 and a year later he enrolled at Ole Miss University where, for four years, with his 231cm wingspan, he was a benchmark: second rebounder, fifth blocker. and fifth in double-doubles (32) in the history of rebels, He averaged 15 points and 11.3 rebounds in his last season. And, in addition, he came with a degree in business.

But on the way back, despite the fact that Real Madrid felt him as the next Philip Reyes And having signed him to a two-year contract, things did not go as expected. He never got a chance to play in white and after two seasons and a few offers that he didn’t like, he turned to his fearless spirit. You have to find life. He had a limited role in ACB (Burgos and Tenerife). Now every game I play, 30 minutes on average, I have to make a lot of decisions… I shoot two and three, I penetrate, I read the game better, I defend. I am much more complete, he admits, with sadness when he returns to Spain and finds that things haven’t improved much for his colleagues. I see that they persist in negative dynamics, that they want them only as a quota. Clubs do not take risks. The other day I read that the five teams with the most foreign players in the world are Spanish. He can’t be. It’s a handicap that’s going to destroy our basketballs, he resists.

“I’m American there,” Sebass continues, proud of his Japanese course, though the language continues to block him: “But it’s too difficult!” And the pandemic has plagued him for months without being able to receive visitors. “I’m single, although I quite agree with Paul Aguilari (Second Spaniard in Japanese competition).” Saiz has increased his records (one league and one cup), his significant experience, his numbers in the Asian country (this past season he has been the fifth-highest scorer and first in rebounds). ) and his checking account. He has been renewed for two seasons with Alvark Tokyo – their third team in the B League after Sun Rockers Shibuya and Chiba Jets Funabashi – to become the highest-paid foreigner in the league. Now… “In a year or two, or a return to the top ACB team to compete for the title. Or later, to say goodbye to my career, turn off the stage of a professional player.”

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