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EuroBasket: Rudy Fernandez, national team leader named after father: “It would have been easier to stay at home”

Georgia – Spain (7:00 pm, 4 pm)

The Real Madrid forward, who beat the AP against Georgia in his 240th appearance for the national team, captained the new Spain on and off the court. “He’s going to keep competing for as long as he can,” says his sister Martas.

Rudy Fernandez during training with the national teamicy albertofebruary

In 2004, that curly-haired prodigy, beardless, even the kind of people who are now praising him from the next room, hit the counter with the national team to become a legend, passed on in that generation. Was asking to be, which was still shy. Already revolutionizing Spanish basketball. At the Games in Athens, Rodolfo was in the stands of OAKA after the adventures of his children, Rudy and Marthawho had run behind a ball in the stands of a pavilion in Lluckmeyer years ago while he was playing one.

“Now I can cry for you what you deserve,” he wrote Rudy Fernandez After his last ACB win with Real Madrid, he battled cancer for three years, as a posthumous tribute to “the pillar of my life”. Rodolfo no longer travels with his son, but is still ahead, 18 years later in a EuroBasket, which is now the leader of another Spain named after his father. “He’s had a really bad time and my father is one of the reasons he continues. Rudy keeps him in mind, to show that he’s going to continue competing as much as he can. Because he knows it’s him.” Will make you happy,” says Marta about the engine. The persuasive statement of someone who confessed these days that the command his father had commanded him with fire could not be wiped from his head: “That he be available to the team at all times.”

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Rudy Fernandez, 37, has had three back surgeries, an endless list of muscle mishaps, and this season, a wrist injury. But Balearic remains there, a unique example of commitment, raising the bar of those before him, which he has already surpassed in the number of caps – today, Tbilisi against Georgia (7:00 p.m.). o’clock, four), he will play his 240th match against Spain, only behind Juan Carlos Navarro-, in his 16th summer in search of his 11th medal (he only missed the 2017 European Championship). And he exceeded the 2,000 mark. “This year could have been erased, it is already old, the seasons are very demanding … You see that your usual companions are not here, are you? Ricky and Lulu He had the misfortune of being injured. But he is a born competitor. If he is physically fine and can continue to help… because the easier thing would have been to stay at home with his family. He is a great father, his children are the most important thing. It still charges a high price”, continues Marta about the third oldest player in the tournament (Finnish only. Sean Huff and Israeli Guy Pannick,

Rudy against Bulgaria.Alberto Snowyfebruary

Rudy “enjoys it as if it’s the last time”, talks of “not letting opportunities pass”, because he knows it may be the last dance, that the World Cup next summer where he will be wearing caps. Might lead the list or the 2024 Olympics which will be their sixth (record) are so close at the same time and so far. And yet, he tackles it with amazing intensity both on and off the court. In August, on the first day of concentration, he organized a barbecue at his home with everyone who is not seen and who is jealous, which he calls family, A match as he set up in the midst of Real Madrid’s spring crisis: later, 17 wins, two losses, one EuroLeague final and the other ACB.

“from defense”

In his debut, against Bulgaria, he contributed four triplets. Scoring, however, was behind Rudy on his list of priorities. “Let’s remember Rudy de la Penya, the super scorer, an incredible physique, dunks and showmanship. Now he scores from defense, which is not seen in statistics. I have seen something capable of him. He is a mix of talent and works both mentally and physically. I’m living with the player who is now honestly”, the elder sister contributes.

Rudy Fernandez and Scariolo.icy albertofebruary

“He is not a leader who notices himself abroad, he does it off the track, in the locker room,” admitted Marta, who a few days ago valued commitment – in 2019 she went to the World Cup When he suffered a miscarriage and his grandfather died – with an honest description of his brother on their social networks: “He is not the most loved among fans, nor does he arouse the sympathy of others. Huh …”. And he explains: “He’s a very temperamental player, we would all like to have him in our team, but he probably doesn’t arouse sympathy against him. He doesn’t know much about whether he likes it or not . Off the track he is not very expressive. The more moderators there are, the more he shows it on the track”.

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