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EuroBasket: New Spain begins with a festival

The selection calmed the nerves of the start after a beat against a weak Bulgaria, which had seven players with more than 10 points and a brilliant Lorenzo Brown.

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The new Spain does not want a mirror, it finds its own way, earning respect, so that the rest of the desire for revenge after so many years of tyranny is lessened. And there is no other recipe than effort, humility, courage. Let every fight become a vengeance. EuroBasket’s debut was a positive test, a victory for the self-affirmation of those who feel a future in which only growing is possible. Against the weakest opponent, yes, the selection was a roller. To ask, maybe a little more competition for what’s to come. [114-87: Narracin y estadsticas]

There was no sign of tension and he was the first positive sign of the Spanish morning – hesitating so often that it was a tradition – in a tournament in which he is not even a distant favorite. at ease, when juancho hernangmez In Tbilisi hit the eighth three-pointer of the afternoon, the sergio scariolo They were already flying. Success, which cannot always be counted, had its share of sensations. It seemed too easy because Spain wanted it that way.

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The quintet consisted of a few tracks. Scariolo will focus more on Juancho at four Garubafrom the bench, as a replacement for Chant, Everything will depend on the opponent’s body, but in this way Spain becomes more dynamic. This was verified by a Bulgarian who could barely tickle the schoolboy stoilov, until it was dismissed by Willie. His reference, Dapper Lefty vezenkovHe cried a lot alone.

The second unit was the one that came in with the finishing touches, when there was still some strength in the game. A second quintet full of freshness, dynamism and aggression appears on the roadmap. with the catch Alberto Daisy Under control—as he went, he nailed a third, if anyone was in doubt—and with Garuba dominating the paint, with experience point rudywho, the day the equality took place AP At the international level, he delivered another of his fleeting lessons: 14 points in 16 minutes. He was the one who gave Bulgaria the next arena which was spinning like a famous boxer.

Pradilla’s shamelessness

But no one likes when it comes to talking cheeky Jaime Pradilla, Mao has been the great revelation of the summer. He saw the train leaving and moved on. He showed it in his rage, with his 21-year-old unreasonable disposition, another rookie, nearly eight points from a run. was after lorenzo brown who surrendered to the Bulgarian and to Juancho, who is clearing the ghosts he had placed highest before going into the locker room (57–35).

The tension disappeared in the second part (32–31 was a partial of the third act…), so the test, since this first leg is the prelude to the grueling round of 16 matches still awaiting in Berlin, was not valid for so long. . A give and take in which the benefits never drop. Lorenzo Brown continued to enhance his performance, a resounding baptism, full of promise. Willie and Juancho are expanding their stats and accumulating the remaining minutes and experience. This is Spain, which has an intuition of a lack of points, up to 114, with seven players above 10, for the scoring record, with Scariolo as coach, for best scoring at EuroBasket debut. And yet the Bulgarian weakness made it taste less good.

This time Spain’s intention is no longer to be afraid, to be respected for what it wants. And only with serious drills like the start of EuroBasket will he lay the first stone of his goal. Saturday will be another story against local Georgia.

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