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EuroBasket: Juancho Hernangmez’s revival after his disappointment in Tokyo

He returns to the national team to become one of the leaders in EuroBasket. Then he must earn a spot on his 5th NBA team the Raptors in the previous year.

Juancho Hernangmez, during a training session with the national team.World
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News that announced the signing of Juancho Hernangmez across the pond Toronto Raptors He did not refer to him as a world champion. Not even as a player with six years of NBA experience. Some of the first information she gave, even in the headline, was her role as Bo Cruz in ‘Hustle’. It marks the success of his debut as an actor in the film produced by Kissa. Adam Sandler You lebron james, but also their position in the league. Last year the Raptors would be his fifth team.

His contract in Toronto is for one season and for a minimum wage (about 2.3 million gross for a player of his seniority), which in practice makes him a meritorious 27-year-old. According to the local press, the agreement is guaranteed, so you should not be afraid for your place in the squad. but it needs to gap in rotation Served very well in his positions: Pascal SiakamiKey piece in the 2019 ring; Scotty BarnesReigning Rookie of the Year; OG uniqueThe team’s third highest scorer.

Juancho will have to qualify from the first day of the preseason, which starts immediately after EuroBasket. But still, he has maintained his commitment to the Spanish team. Ah, the figure of Sergio Scariolo, Joe’s assistant Raptors between 2018 and 2021. The Italian has helped in both directions for Toronto’s arrival and for the team, not putting up obstacles, unlike Minnesota.

“Sergio has been there for a while, he knows the franchise well, there are foreigners and he knows how important it is to play for your team and your country,” Hernangmez explained these days. “I didn’t have a problem. They let me stay here, they didn’t let me go, and they are very smart,

a unique profile

Now a year ago, with the selection already in Chappell to debut in Tokyo Olympics 2020The Minnesota Timberwolves, his team at the time, brought Juancho Hernangmez back from Japan, citing doubts about the position of his left shoulder. In fact, they were negotiating a transfer and feared that any problems would distort their plans. The decision deprived Madrid of its first Olympic Games and the Spanish team one of its best players.

This Tuesday, after a loss against Greece in the first practice friendly, Scariolo recalled that this Spain is different from other years. Not only for talent, which is common when the best generation in history is gone, but also for virtue. “Many of our players have other physical conditions Compared to most of our rivals and we have to find other formulas to compete”, explained the Italian coach. A small team, in short. And Juancho Hernangmez, one of the most talented players in the group, besides There are few who eschew that profile. A tall, athletic forward, tough on defense and with good hands.

Five Teams in a Year in the NBA

need, yes, show a better version than before friendly against Greece, Similar to the player who was already important in the 2019 World Cup, or the one who made a place for himself in the Utah Jazz rotation in the last months of last year, though it won’t be enough for him to break out of that spiral. in which he was walking. Ever since I left Minnesota.

Because he was sent off to the Memphis Grizzlies shortly after being denied play at Tokyo 2020, but could not even unpack. Before the season began, he was traded to the Boston Celtics (18 games). From there to San Antonio (5) and from there to Utah (19), who, despite his good performance, resigned in the final year of his contract.

In the summer of Juancho Hernángmez therefore there is a lot of revival. First go to EuroBasket as one of the mainstays of the Spanish team. and then land Toronto Forced to earn a place in the rotation and by extension in the league.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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