Home Sport Euro 2021: The ‘Sterling factor’ beyond arbitration controversy

Euro 2021: The ‘Sterling factor’ beyond arbitration controversy

Euro 2021: The 'Sterling factor' beyond arbitration controversy

The City forward participated in the two goals against Denmark and is confirmed as the most decisive English footballer of this European Championship.

Sterling against Christensen during the semifinalPaul ellisEFE

At the expense of what may happen in the final, the Eurocup already has its controversial move, the one that will surely be remembered for a long time when someone appeals to this 2020 tournament that is being played in 2021. It was the 102nd minute when Sterling I tried to go deeper into the right zone of the Schmeichel. Dribbled, he slipped into the danger zone and was sandwiched between Maehle Y Jensen. The City forward felt someone near him and fell to the ground. Seen in the repetition, it is difficult to maintain that in that action there was more penalty than the desire to rush towards the attacker’s lawn.

But the VAR, you know, always prevails the interpretation of the referee. And if there is contact -that there was-, even if it is not excessive -that it was not-, from the VOR room they will always tell the referee to go ahead, that his decision is ratified. Denmark’s anger, enormous in its resistance, was more than understandable. England has already had too many facilities in this European Championship, the entire continent coincides.

But beyond the justice or not of the punctual action, what became clear again is that Sterling is being the decisive factor in this European Championship that England aspires to be the first in which he manages to lift the trophy, winning the final Sunday against Italy. In the infinite catalog of top-tier attackers he handled Gareth southgate, the City attacker has been, together with the captain Kane, the only one fixed in the lineups. Around him the Sancho, Foden, Saka Y Grealish, but he has always enjoyed the ownership, starting for one band or the other.

During the first phase, Sterling was the Three Lions’ handhold. The two victories, against the Czech Republic and Croatia, were 1-0 and in both the goal was scored by Sterling, thus covering Kane’s very discreet start to the tournament, patched up in the final phase – one goal against Germany, two against Ukraine and another more yesterday, after collecting the rejection of his own penalty.

Southgate thus granted Sterling the confidence that Guardiola It had been taking him away during the season. Once his highest-ranking striker, the Spanish coach sacrificed this season to add midfielders such as Foden or Bernardo Silva. And the facts proved him right, winning the Premier with great solvency. In fact, he recovered him as a starter for the Champions League final, given up playing with a born midfielder, and it goes without saying that that did not go well for City.

But the Euro is another story. His good form continued against Germany, marking the goal that broke 75 minutes of equality and that ended up propelling England. Against Ukraine he did not score, but he served an assist and was the most destabilizing element of the English in the minutes in which the selection of players seemed more solid. Shevchenko.

And to finish, at least for now, Sterling was the key to yesterday’s two goals against Denmark, despite not appearing in the statistics either as an assistant or as a scorer. Because he was the one who caused Kjaer he would score the first in his own, as he was just behind to finish off an empty goal and, written remains, in the overtime he caused the penalty that ended with England reaching their first final of the European Championship. Refereeing aside, England owes almost everything to Sterling.