Euro 2021: The prefect of Rome, after the European Championship in Italy:

Matteo Piantedosi accuses the Italian Football Federation of not respecting the regulations

The captain of the Italian soccer team, Giorgio Chiellini, lifts the Euro Cup trophy.ANGELO CARCONIEFE
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“We had denied permission to celebrate the victory of Italy on the Eurocup in the open bus, but they did not respect the pacts. “The prefect of RomeMatteo Piantedosi, the equivalent of our government delegate, does not hide his anger at what happened last Monday and “at the possible consequences that could occur in the coming weeks, despite the great work done.”

Wasn’t it supposed to have been celebrated?
Of course yes. But in another way
Last Friday we called a security and order committee. The line to be followed had been agreed with the Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese and with the Chief of Police Lamberto Giannini. The meeting was only to decide what to do, and that is why we also directly involved the FIGC [la Federación Italiana de Fútbol].
What was agreed?
The FIGC asked that the National Team players could go around Rome in an open bus, but it was clearly explained to them that this was not possible. We told them we couldn’t authorize it.
We had to organize the route from the Quirinale to Palazzo Chigi trying to adapt it to the security needs linked to the pandemic, and thus avoid any type of crowding.
Were there alternatives?
On Monday morning, the FIGC proposed several solutions, the last of which was to use a platform in Piazza del Popolo, in the center of Rome, where players could be picked up and thus be able to celebrate with the fans.
Was it authorized?
Yes, we think it could be a viable mediation because it would allow us to keep the crowd under control in one place, also verifying that people were wearing a mask as required by law.
And yet …
Early in the afternoon on Monday we had other direct contacts with FIGC staff, who again requested to be able to use the open bus. We explained to everyone that the risk assessments were still negative.
However, the platform had not been assembled.
We thought they were going to make the players stop in front of Palazzo Chigi after meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi. They assured us that the transfer would take place in a covered bus. Instead, shortly after leaving the Quirinale, a screen-printed convertible bus was added for the European champions.
Have you spoken to the staff of FIGC President Gabriele Gravina?
Of course, and he alleges that there were already a lot of crowds in the streets and that the players wanted to continue the celebrations with a ride on an open bus.
Could it no longer be stopped?
There were thousands of people waiting for the bus to appear, banning it could have created public order problems.
Is it true that it was the players who pushed?
I am aware that Chiellini and Bonucci have expressed their understanding towards the requests of the security personnel, but at that time it was not possible to do anything other than take note of the situation and manage it in the best possible way. The complexity and delicacy is evident in the images in which it can be seen that practically only the police forces wore a mask. Everything that has happened has caused us deep regret; For a year now, even in the most difficult times, in Rome we have always tried to apply anti-Covid measures by stimulating the collaboration of citizens and the productive sectors instead of imposing draconian measures.
Have you talked to Gravina or someone from FIGC?
No, because I still weigh his great lack of respect for his commitment to the police forces. I hope that Italy will win the World Cup next year to have the same celebrations: on that occasion we will speak directly with the players.