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Euro 2021: The first ‘viral’ Euro Cup: “The way of consuming content has changed”

Euro 2021: The first 'viral' Euro Cup:

The hashtag #Football accumulates more than 185,000 million views on TikTok, official sponsor of the Euro. “The new generations combine broadcasting with the use of second screens to react,” they comment to EL MUNDO from the social network.

English fans, during the Euro.Rui VieiraAP
  • Eurocup Final phase of the tournament

The football has changed, the sport has changed, the players have changed … And the way in which content is consumed has also changed. The social media they have changed, perhaps forever, the relationship between sport and fans. The fans They are no longer mere spectators of an event, but they are part of it, they are protagonists and they make any action, any match, any tournament ‘viral’.

This is how the Euro 2021 be the first ‘viral’ soccer tournament. With Tiktok, one of the fastest growing social networks in the last year, as the first platform to become an official sponsor of such a competition, the Euro has reached more viewers than ever and not only through its matches. Videos of reactions, workouts, games, exercises, goals, comments… Everything has been lived through a platform that has managed to accumulate more than 185 billion views with the hashtag #football. “I think we are changing the way fans connect with their favorite stars,” he told EL MUNDO, James rothwell, Marketing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa at TikTok.

According to the Social Media Study 2021, produced by ‘IAB Spain‘, TikTok has ousted YouTube and has entered the Top 5 of the most used social networks, behind Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp, improving from 13% of users who admit to having used it in 2020 to 29% in 2021. It is the social network that uploads the most, especially among young people, while Facebook continues to fall and Instagram registers a smaller increase. “The way people consume sports content has changed radically in recent years with the advent of new technologies. Now the general public, and the Generation Z and Millenials in particular, they combine the broadcasting of events with the use of second screens to be able to react, find out more information or simply share their opinions with the community “, sums up Rothwell.

A constant that has also had an echo in our country, with the example of the legendary Manolo El del Bombo following the Spanish team through the social network. In Spain, “one of the most important markets”, the hashtag #Futbol accumulates more than 43,000 million views. Absolute madness. “In Spain, football is lived in a different way and it could almost be said that it is part of the country’s culture,” says Rothwell.

Marcelo or Ramos, the most followed

Every day more footballers ‘abandon’ the most classic social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, to try to reach a younger audience through Tiktok. Marcelo and Sergio Ramos are the most followed players on the platform, with Vinicius, Kroos or Reguilón located in the first positions. In addition, according to a study by Clear M&C Saatchi, to the 72% of users The social network does not mind finding brand advertising in the videos, so the great sports stars find a suitable place in which to develop their commercial image.

“The added value of TikTok relies on being the home where creative self-expression is fostered to create authentic entertainment content. This diversity creates a connection and a unique communication in the video language that invites to be shared. People are here because they inspire happiness and optimism and a different way of interacting and discovering (or rediscovering) content “, admits Rothwell, who clarifies how the social network has managed to convince the big stars:” For a long time, sports and football-related content were growing at an incredible speed within the platform, and more and more creators, stars, clubs and leagues They were encouraged to share and connect with new audiences in a different way on the platform.