Home Sport Euro 2021: Southgate’s fatal mistake condemning England

Euro 2021: Southgate’s fatal mistake condemning England

Euro 2021: Southgate's fatal mistake condemning England

Rashford and Sancho entered in the 120th minute to shoot penalties, but both missed.

Rashford, Sancho and Southgate, before penalties.EFE

The football codes state that a change should never be made when defending a corner. Gareth southgate he knows that unwritten rule, but he didn’t care. The extension was already expiring and he had decided to put Rashford Y Sancho with the clear objective that they would take two of the five penalties in a shoot that already seemed inevitable. He found no punishment in that skull of Italy, but his decision turned out to be a fatal mistake. The two young forwards missed their throws and, although Jorginho Y Pickford they put excitement to the outcome, the last stop of Donnarumma to Saka They confirmed the national catastrophe in England, the glory for an Italy forced to row against the current during the 120 minutes that the match lasted.

It was the selection of Mancini the one that took off center and, that’s how the azzurra is now, prepared to braid a long possession, moving the kickoff ball between its centrals and the midfielder. Automatically, Wembley en masse began to roar to intimidate the selection that, curiously, played at home. It was only on paper, of course, since the crosses of St. George were overwhelming in the London stadium. Never has a country enjoyed so much support in a Euro Cup final, thanks to restrictions on foreign travelers. Total, not at all.

Wembley finished blowing up when, after just 117 seconds, Luke shaw he opened the scoring in favor of England. Never in the previous 15 Euro Cup finals had a goal been scored with such haste and it was achieved by the winger’s winger. Manchester United against a team that, beyond its aesthetic evolution, had shown great offensive solidity throughout the tournament, honored its tradition. It all seemed to lead to a glorious coronation of the Three lions.

However, when push came to shove, England ended up failing because of the stinginess with which their coach decided to manage all the talent at his disposal. I decided to look at myself in the mirror of traditional Italy, in the catenaccio more radical, to defend the initial goal of Shaw. Paradoxical choice against a rival who has followed the opposite process in recent years, convinced after his collapse in 2017 that his lifelong way could no longer give him more revenue, that he was exhausted. It retains part of its roots, there is the equalizer goal of Bonucci after a corner kick, to survival on penalties thanks to an imperial goalkeeper, but he has sought an evolution to which Southgate I decided to quit. Football has ended up rewarding the bravest of the two teams.

Italy He thus collects glory in a tournament that had historically been hostile to him. Four-time world champion, the only continental title that she wore in her palmars dated from 1968, when ties in the finals are still resolved with a tiebreaker match. Since then, he had only played two other finals, the one he lost in 2000 against France of Zidane Y Henry and the one remembered from 2012, in which Spain He revalidated with a 4-0 the title that he had achieved four years earlier.

And the curse continues for the teams that act as locals in a final. What Portugal in 2004 and France In 2018 England was defeated in their own country. Football is not coming home, calcium, now renewed, prevails.