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Euro 2021: Piqu’s complaints about penalty shootouts: “It doesn’t seem fair to me”

Euro 2021: Piqu's complaints about penalty shootouts:

The former player of the Spanish team has criticized the order established in the penalty kicks and has affirmed that this system favors the team that shoots first.

Gerard Piqu is critical of the order of penaltiesEFE

“It is no coincidence that the four rounds that have taken place in both the Eurocup and the Copa America have won the team that shoots first,” Gerard Piqu declared on his social networks at the end of Switzerland-Spain. For the former FC Barcelona player, this system generates disadvantages since, according to him, statistics show that the former has more options.

Apart from calling the order unfair, he has expressed what for him would be the fair way to shoot penalties: “I think the best format is ABBAABBAAB. In this way, the teams, if they do not fail, alternate going ahead.” According to Piqu, going ahead or behind changes a lot emotionally and he would choose to alter the order.

The former player has declared that in the four rounds, which have been in the Eurocup and the Copa America, the team that threw first has always won, but it is not entirely true because there have been five games in which he has gone to penalties. In this European Championship there have been penalty shootouts in Switzerland-Spain, France-Switzerland, Italy-Spain. In the three heats, the team that pitched first has won: Spain, Switzerland and Italy. In the Copa America this situation has been reached on two occasions: In Peru-Paraguay and Uruguay-Colombia. However, in this case there has been a winner who pitched first (Uruguay) and in the other round, the one who pitched second (Peru) won.