Home Sport Euro 2021: God save the ball: the keys to England’s growth

Euro 2021: God save the ball: the keys to England’s growth

Euro 2021: God save the ball: the keys to England's growth

  • Chronic England gets into the final between history and blush
  • Protagonist The ‘Sterling factor’ beyond arbitration controversy

England is round, like a ball. A compact, seamless soccer selection, well-run by a gentleman, excellently defended, with many versatile attackers, and an ‘in love’ star. A country that hides its edges, gathered around the dream of those who invented this sport but have barely reigned. Now they can. God saves the ballGod save the ball, not just the queen, because the king of her dreams is round today.

The classification of pross for the final has caused an outbreak in the country that has not gone unnoticed by the premierBoris johnson: “Southgate and the team are the pride of the country. Bring the title home “. Rather than bring it, it would be more correct to say” leave it at home “, since England will play the final again, on Sunday (9:00 p.m.-Telecinco) against Italy, at Wembley. is going to play in the Eurocup, seven will have been played in his temple, a clear advantage in a strange tournament due to the design and circumstances of the pandemic. Sterling that led him to the final was signaled in a real cauldron of emotions by the referee Danny Makkelie. The atmosphere always plays.

The Eurochoral was conceived eight years ago by Michel Platini, former UEFA president, as a tribute to the European construction project. Paradoxically, Brexit is celebrated with a Eurosceptic at 10 Downing Street. The world is as inscrutable as football. The yes to Brexit in the referendum occurred precisely during the last European Championship, in France, on June 23, 2016. Four days later, England was eliminated in the second round by Iceland (1-2). The only goal of the pross it was a Wayne Rooney in decline, a metaphor for self-destructive selection in the past.

Five years later, Harry kane it means the opposite, and Gareth Southgate is a model selector who does not feed the tabloids. Of the ‘WaGs’, women or girlfriends of footballers, we know little or nothing. In that time England has completed the process of a difficult exit from the European Union, but its football, on the other hand, has been able to import the best of the continent’s game, be it in characters, technicians or players, and in know how to dominate the post-duopoly era Messi-Cristiano. Southgate is one of its beneficiaries, pointing to the influence that the arrival of Pep Guardiola to the Premier.

The Southgate baton

He is an atypical coach in England, far from the scandals that haunt England. Bobby robson, the ‘trainer-playboy’ extravagances Sven-Goran Eriksson, the first foreigner to lead the English, or the obsessions of Fabio Capello. Former Middlesbrough defender, not a Premier one, his career was marked by the failure of a penalty in the semi-final against Germany, in the Eurocup that England organized in 1996. That mistake prevented the final to which he has now brought to the national team in another role. The feat thus has a redemptive value.

Forged in the technical structure of the Football Association (FA), the 50-year-old Southgate had a stint at the U21 national team, an experience that the technician considers fundamental, although it predates the explosion of precocious talents that he has now gathered in the field. team. It was in 2017 when England won the World Cup and played the final of the U17 European Championship, both against Spain. Jadon Sancho and Foden they were part of that team. It also prevailed in the European sub’19, led by Mount and Sterling. She won that same year in the U20 World Cup and was third in the U21. The new generation, much more versatile in the profiles, is the product of the evolution of work in the clubs, but also of the bets for the formation of the FA itself. One of them is Saint George’s Park, a splendid sports city.

Southgate, in fact, he was a low-profile technician of the FA that took over the selection on an interim basis after the failure of Euro 2016, waiting to appoint a incumbent to the position. The first results gave him a chance. The qualification for the World Cup in Russia, in 2018, consolidated it, with a radical change in the game. He reached the semifinals, in which he lost to Croatia in overtime, and left his mark on his way of directing, impeccable with his vest.


The Eurocup means the maturation of your project, especially for the stability and security of the team, since in attack it has a surplus. In fact, at the beginning of the tournament he had been reproached for not using more offensive arguments and for opting for a double containment pivot such as the one formed by Rice and Calvin Phillips, one of the new additions, from Leeds de Marcelo bielsa. His work, however, has been enormous, without neglecting his offensive projection, as he demonstrated in the first phase. But the key pair in the defensive facet has been the one formed by Maguire and Stones, two powerful centrals in the two areas. The prominence of the first has been colossal. England have only conceded one goal in the entire tournament, already set pieces, already in the semi-final against Denmark.

In attack, he has combined the overflow of Sterling, fixed and decisive from the start, with the emergence of Kane, a nine that is much more than shot and goal. Every movement of yours is a seismic. The catalog of offensive stickers is obscene (Foden, Mount, Grealish, Sancho…), but not all of them fit.

This success, yet to be crowned, parallels that of the clubs, a Champions League champion (Chelsea) and three finalists from the two European tournaments. England rules the football field and defends it outside, as demonstrated by the demonstrations of fans that broke the Super League. The owners of the Big six they did not hold. Those same fans will be able to drink in pubs for one more hour on Sunday, despite the advancement of the Delta strain of Covid, and, if they get vaccinated, win the two Wembley tickets that the Mayor of London raffles, Sadiq khan. The ball has no deniers in England today.