Home Sport Euro 2021: From Wimbledon to Wembley: A London Sunday

Euro 2021: From Wimbledon to Wembley: A London Sunday

Euro 2021: From Wimbledon to Wembley: A London Sunday

The ‘City’ monopolizes the interest with the soccer and tennis finals this Sunday.

Fans outside Wembley.REUTERS

Six months after the culmination of Brexit, London claims its status as the capital of Europe. A sense of collective delirium, much higher than that caused by leaving the EU, has settled in the heart of this England that has not ruled in the final of an international tournament for 55 years, when they won the World Cup against the Federal Republic. Germany and the Kinks rivaled the Beatles on the charts.

Ed sheran now puts the musical counterpoint in the stands, although at Wembley the soundtrack is put back by Sweet Caroline from Neil diamond, sung in chorus by Gareth southgate and his henchmen after winning in the semifinals at Denmark.

The drunkenness that accompanied the triumph (more than nine million pints served in a single night) has diluted all the complexes of the past and all the fears of the present in an England ready to throw the house out of the window to conquer the European crown.

The graffiti of Bring it home! or It’s coming home!Every day, they appear on every corner as an omen or reaffirmation of what will happen today, with the permission of an Italy that can already prepare its catenaccio in front of the lockdown that they have prepared at Wembley, with more than 66,000 spectators ready to give do final chest so that the Eurocup is at home.

Health alerts are by now a footnote to the triumphant headlines of “England Makes History.” Daily Covid infections exceed 30,000, doubling every five days and will soon reach 100,000, according to government estimates. Without waiting for Freedom Day (July 19), the English have removed their masks and painted their faces with the cross of Saint George.

The nonchalance exhibited in recent days in Wembley and in the crowded surroundings of the stadium it is only comparable with the joy with which Boris johnson he anticipated the end of the restrictions, singing Elvis Presley’s It’s now or never in his own way.

Now or never, the attention that at this time Wimbledon usually monopolizes has been diluted before the din of Wembley. London is also the tense capital this weekend, although nothing will be the same again after the puncture of Federer in view of Hurkacz and the absence of Nadal.

The English dreamed of the eternal redemption of Andy Murray, and shortly after they raised their great female promise, Emma Raducanu, prematurely, but everything was in borage water under the summer clouds of this London thirsty for sun and goal.

Thousands of fans are preparing to watch Sunday’s final on the giant screens installed in fan areas such as Trafalgar Square, where they danced on Wednesday until the wee hours of the morning in a massive after hours that the police were unable to perform. stop. He was there and he will be there again on Sunday Joe miller, 23, unless he gets a last minute ticket to Wembley: “This only happens once in a lifetime. We’ve been listening to pessimists for too long, and what we need now is a powerful reason to celebrate.”

Masks? Social distancing? “Deep down, we are looking forward to all of this going down in history, and what better way to do that than to advance Freedom Day to Victory Day.”

In Scotland, more cautious, masks will remain mandatory in public transport and in shops. In Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scots will flock to pubs heartbroken: some willing to cheer on the auld enememy and others loyal to the slogan of supporting “anyone but England.” I mean, Italy.

In order to Francesco Ragni, portal director Londra Italy, Sunday’s game will be something like the Azurri’s last chance for a continental revenge: “Brexit is not going to go away and it continues to be a bitter pill for Europeans in this country, who will definitely support Italy precisely because of that.” .