Euro 2021: From delirium to disenchantment

The atmosphere in London fell into depression, while in Scotland, “for a day”, people felt “very Italian”

LEE SMITHvia Reuters
  • Eurocup Macrobottle and vandalism around Wembley before the final
  • Final The Renaissance is fulfilled at Wembley: Italy wins the European Championship

They promise you very happy. They can be seen already raising the Eurocup which they played practically at home and which seemed reserved for the greater glory of England. They sang in the stands the “It’s coming home!” when the chest of Bonucci and changed the melody: “It’s coming to Rome!”.

The day of the anticipated party, he left the national mourning for the final jab of the men in white when they had everything in their favor. The initial delusion in Wembley, on Trafalfar Square, on Picadilly and in the pubs of London he passed into a defeatist and disturbing silence that lasted until the throes of penalties.

The drunkenness of the 10 million Pitna gave way to the national hangover on the night in which Harry kane and his henchmen seemed predestined to be legendary meat. I had said it Isabel II, in an exercise in nostalgia and anticipation: “55 years ago I had the fortune to deliver the World Cup to Bobby Moore and I was able to see what it meant for the players, the coach and all the staff to be able to reach and win the final of an international tournament. “

In the absence of the Queen, confined to her castle, the prince william and the small and tied Jorge represented the royal family and beat with the “three lions” after the early goal of Luke Shaw. In the stands, next to David Beckham, he was Tom Cruise, that two days earlier he sent a special message to the team after a viewing of Top Gun.

Wembley’s pot of crickets boiled for the first few sets of the match, as did the whole country, until the men of Mancini they decided to set the pace and take the “vendetta” in a second part with an aftertaste of “amaretto” that lasted until the last drink.

Around Wembley, the aluvin of hooligans and the counted “tifosi” fought an unequal battle that the locals won by a landslide, shouting in the style: “You can put your pants, your macaroni and your cannelloni wherever they fit.”

Chaos took hold of the stadium in the absence of a couple of hours until the game. Hundreds of fans jumped over the security fences and managed to sneak into the stadium. The sworn guards saw it and wanted to expel a few; others managed to break through the railing.

Scotland Yard had to be used thoroughly to prevent the Wembley ‘invasion’ and the UEFA sounded the alarm at the situation: “The fans have been jumping over the barriers, but they have not had direct access to the stadium. The final goes ahead and there is no concern about the possible violation of the protocols.”

The police confirmed that the altercations occurred “outside the security perimeter of the stadium.” The agents on horseback had to intervene and use tear gas to disperse the crowd, although there were no bruises or injuries.

Some 66,000 spectators (75% of the capacity of almost 90,000) witnessed the final among critics for the relaxation of the British Government’s measures, despite the 31,772 cases of Covid registered in the last 24 hours and a warning from the health authorities that they can shoot above 100,000 in two weeks.

The avalanche of fans around the stadium collapsed again on Olympic Way and the Wembley Park Stadium, the two main access routes to the nearby metro station. Despite occasional warnings, the use of masks and social distancing have been pulverized under the impetus of the local fans. Mayor Sadiq khan made a desperate call on Londoners to “behave responsibly”.

It was not necessary to reiterate the warning after the fiasco of Gareth southgate and his boys in hour H. The collective dream sensation of the last few days gave way to the sad reality of defeat late on Sunday, amplified by the insidious presence of flying ants.

On Scotland, meanwhile, the brigade of the ABE (Anyone But England) congregated in the pubs of Glasgow Y Edinburgh and intoned at will the “Anyone less England”. “We have great respect for the coach and for the English players, but for one day we are all going to be Italian,” he anticipated. Hamish “Husband”, spokesperson for West of Scotland Tartan Army.

On the cover of the independentista weekly The Nation, Italian coach Roberto Mancini appeared immortalized in the skin of Robert the Bruce on Braveheart and under the slogan: “Free us from another 55 years enduring the beating of the English.” Well that.