Home Sport Euro 2021: English hoolingans trampled on Maguire’s father and damaged his ribs

Euro 2021: English hoolingans trampled on Maguire’s father and damaged his ribs

Euro 2021: English hoolingans trampled on Maguire's father and damaged his ribs

The English player’s relative has respiratory problems after the altercations.

The police try to control the supporters at Wembley.AP

The English International Harry maguire revealed this Wednesday that his father could have two broken ribs after being run over by the crowd that forced their way into the stadium of Wembley in the final of the Eurocup.

Alan Maguire, 56, was involved in the chaotic scenes that took place in the London stadium, which left him with “trouble breathing”, according to the central defender of the England and the national team. Manchester United, one of the most prominent in the European tournament, despite the defeat in the final against Italy.

After being attacked, the footballer’s father was trampled by the “stampede” of people who forced their entry into the stadium without having seats, when he went with the defense agent, Kenneth shepherd, towards the designated area in a stand for the relatives of the English players.

“It was not a good experience, I left him touched. But he was lucky because in all the other games he has gone to (in the Eurocup) he carried my nephew or one of my daughters on his shoulders,” Maguire told the newspaper. The Sun, and he specified that his two little girls did not go to the final on Sunday.

The images of these incidents, as well as the destruction and attacks perpetrated by English “hooligans”, have gone around the world, which has overshadowed the good performance of the ‘Three Lions’ in the European event.

“I have seen many videos and I have spoken with my father and my family. The ones who had it the worst were my father and my agent. I hope we can learn from this and ensure that it does not happen again,” Maguire added.