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Espanyol assaults the Mestalla in the face of Valencia’s lack of office | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Espanyol assaults the Mestalla in the face of Valencia's lack of office |  LaLiga Santander 2021

The Bordalás team unravels in ten minutes and the Catalan team comes back with goals from RdT, penalties, and Puado a duel marked by Valencian injuries and the expulsion of Hugo Duro

Hugo Duro commits a penalty against Jofre Carreras.JC CÁRDENASEFE

How could he Valencia unravel after a goal that pushed him to victory and captured him in the standings? That question will not leave the minds of its players in the transition to 2022, the one that until the 80th minute of the duel against Espanyol drew a horizon very close to the dream that no one dares to verbalize in the Bordalás dressing room: Europe. The reason why became apparent in just ten minutes. Valencia is not yet a professional team. He did not know how to handle the result or setbacks in the form of injuries and disciplinary blows, a scenario in which he did find himself comfortable. Spanish that, without having won a game away from Cornellà, he hit a penalty in the 80th minute to turn the score around and take the victory. [Narración y estadísticas]

This time, the locals were not able to grow with their hearts and make up the mistakes that have cost them to be among the most thrashed with comebacks born of the talent especially of a player like Gonçalo Guedes, the only footballer who tried to push towards the door of Diego Lopez.

Against Espanyol the will was not to suffer. And for many minutes, Valencia did not. He played with some comfort against a rival who always looked for him. Both teams amassed the game but, although the Valencians accelerated when they smelled the area, the parrots did not scare Cillessen and his best weapon, Raúl de Tomás appeared very little.

The first notice was given Wass in the first play in which a robbery by Guedes with the support of Maxi left him a frank ball face to goal that he kicked out. To the despair of Vicente Moreno, it did not take long for the second to arrive when Hélder Costa he slipped to the bottom line to save the ball and put a cross for Hugo Duro’s shot that spit the post.

While Espanyol tried to wake up, Valencia held on without noticing the absences, among others, of Gayà, who was replaced by the youth squad Jesus Vazquez, and Mestalla celebrated the return of Thierry to the right side. However, the acceleration was put back by Guedes with a cross volley that forced Diego López.

The rest of the first half was a sterile score between a Valencia that was losing steam and a Espanyol that attacked without much faith, making it clear why it is difficult for them to score points as a visitor.

A more electric, more festive second part awaited the duel. From the same kickoff, Espanyol’s best chance was born when Nico he crossed from the baseline before a bad start by Cillessen that surprised even RdT himself, who missed in his hit to pot soon.

Valencia’s response did not take long. He first claimed a possible penalty from Loren to Maxi Gomez and later, in an attack in which he caught up to three rejections, Costa put the ball to the penalty spot so that Omar Alderete appeared and delivered the header that sent the team flying towards European positions.

Confidence after the goal

The goal, far from turning the locals into protagonists, dwarfed them. The result of excessive relaxation or perhaps the vertigo of seeing himself where they did not imagine, he was falling into the trap of Espanyol, gigantic as the minutes fell. His was the ball and Vicente Moreno broke the match looking for physicality with which to squeeze a very diminished opponent, especially on the shores, where Bordalás ran out of sides by the injuries, and in the center of the rear. Valencia was going to have to hold on tightly and did not succeed.

Tested Handful with a low shot to the center of Óscar Gil, but the goal was put on a tray Hugo Duro to RdT when in minute 80 he overwhelmed Jofre and Sánchez Martínez pointed out the penalty spot and sent him to the locker room. This time the scorer parakeet did not fail and did not settle for the point. Valencia broke apart and they threw themselves to take advantage of it. Cillessen saved a shot from Sergi darder, but could not prevent Jofre from hanging a perfect ball for Puado’s shot that turned the scoreboard.

Mestalla had little confidence in the epic despite being a field carved by Valencia this season. The young man Iranzo, suturing along with a whole host of homegrown players with Bordalás tried to sew the team, crashed the possibility of a tie at the crossbar and condemns the team to continue to punish for their mistakes, their lack of skill and staff background that leads to having to settle for survival when there is still much to learn.

Reference from elmundo