England - Denmark (2-1): England gets into the final between history and blush

England – Denmark (2-1)

The host takes advantage of an embarrassing penalty to Sterling in extra time to give away his curse and play his first final of the Eurocup

Harry Kane celebrates 2-1 in extra time.AFP
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Given the weight of history, before the curse, it was not going to be enough to play football. England, in a volcanic Wembley – calling this multi-venue tournament is bullshit – will play their first Euro Cup final. For this he had to go back to a Denmark that, although it ended up devastated and overcome, never expected the outcome to await an embarrassing decision. Sterling dropped into the area before Maehle, and the referee, the Dutch Danny Makkelie, passed sentence. Schmeichel stopped the penalty at Kane, but not the subsequent auction. Beers flew into the stands. And the memory led to another stain, the goal that was not from Geoff hurst at the 1966 English World Cup.

No one would have imagined that silence could break through there. But if the scenarios have something with mysticism, it is that, when fear appears, the resonance box becomes that of a coffin. A sound that is no longer even hollow. The stadium was suddenly speechless. The songs were left with no one to shout them. And the reddened eyes no longer hinted at the alcoholic emotion of the previous one, but rather the fear that the same old demons were still there. On the ruins of that old Wembley that saw England lift the World Cup 55 years ago. But he also attended the Euro ’96 semi-final drama.

That moment of shock, of incomprehension, had been caused by that beardless Danish genius with a surname Damsgaard. The Sampdoria forward is just 21 years old. What difference does it make. Nothing has weighed the responsibility of replacing Eriksen since it had to be revived at the dawn of the championship. Damsgaard plays with the courage of someone who looks superior, and has a punch within the reach of very few. For example, the tremendous goal from a free kick with which he advanced to Denmark after half an hour.

English players celebrate Kane’s goal.REUTERS

There will be those who think that Pickford, the English goalkeeper who had not conceded a single goal so far, should have reached the ball earlier. Slow-motion football is close to bloody performances. The ball rose taut upward and, completely flat, came down like lightning. Pickford didn’t know what was going on until the leather was right under his nose. Who best saw what was coming to the goalkeeper was Phillips, lying behind the barrier.

England had been overtaken for minutes by a Denmark that was clear about how to damage space. Between Hojbjerg Y Delaney converted the midfielders of Southgate, Rice Y Phillips, in scarecrow.

What I could no longer control the selection of Hjulmand it was the technical greatness of Harry Kane. Because the ram of the selection of Three lions far from it is an auctioneer to use. It is when he moves away from the area that he shows a value that few are used to repairing. In just a couple of minutes he imagined two scoring chances. In the first, finished by Sterling, the goalkeeper Schmeichel opposed his iron chest. The second time was the charm. Kane spun, propelled the youngster Saka in the extreme and the pass of death was definitive this time. Frame Kjaer own goal, although Sterling was already waiting behind with the scream of the goal caught in his throat.

The stands on

The 1-1 reactivated the stands in a big way. Although Southgate, who has lived from defensive solidity throughout the tournament, insistent on prioritizing cement over art, only found in Mount some creation between the lines. The foot of the Chelsea midfielder, in addition, also led to a header from Maguire to which Kasper Schmeichel replied again. The monumental presence of the Danish doorman chained the memory of his father, Peter. He was the one who sustained the miracle of the 1992 champion Denmark.

The minutes fell on the Danish muscles. And of the English heads. The locals’ attempts to avoid overtime were constant, but also pyrotechnic. Kane claimed a penalty after fouling himself. And not even Grealish and his hooligan football changed the matter. TO Foden Southgate didn’t give him the alternative until overtime, where the Scandinavians passed Cain’s to stay upright. A slap from Schmeichel snatched the first sentence from Kane, who ended up taking the glory after Sterling rushed on a red carpet.

Italy, the other finalist, still has a Homeric journey ahead of them.