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Embed is not Lorenzo Brown: France attacks NBA’s top scorer by ‘signing’

His nationalization has been opposed by some veterans in the locker room. He averages 30.6 points and 11.7 rebounds

Philadelphia 76ers . Star of Joel EmbiidAP
  • Basketball Spain nationalizes Lorenzo Brown, who will play next EuroBasket

On the same day that Spain granted nationality to Lorenzo Brown, France aimed high. Of the dozens of names published that day in the Official Gazette of the French Republic, Joel Embidi, star of the Philadelphia 76ers and one of the best players in the world. On the horizon, two major goals: the 2023 World Cup and, above all, the 2024 Paris Olympics. And further, some veterans protest in the locker room.

Joel Embiid has been the first overseas player to lead the NBA in scoring, and the first center since Shaquille O’Neal to average more than 30 points (30.6). He also averaged 11.7 rebounds and 4.2 assists (all of which are career heights), and once again finished second in NBA MVP voting. Nikola Jokic, forgot the leg injury that delayed his debut by two years (the same one that withdrew pau gasoli), has established himself as one of the biggest stars of the league. This is the value of a player who ‘signs’ France.

Embiid’s birth. Happened in Yaounde, Cameron (1994), While French is the co-official language, its connection to the Gallic country does not extend beyond the language and the few relatives living there. His relationship with the basketball team is long but never reciprocated.

The first fling took place during the 2014 World Cup, when nico batum Took advantage of one of Embiid’s tweets and threw a cane at him. By then Pivot had been injured, but the glove had been thrown. the problem you are facing Vincent Colette It is that when he wants to pick it up, he is opposed by the leaders of the locker room, including Batum himself.

‘A tick problem’

The first criticism in France with the nationalization of Joel Embiid came in 2018, when the Cameroonian dropped in ‘RMC Sport’ that he did not deny that option for the future, authorized voices like Ivan Fournier (“I’m not saying this against Joel, who’s a very good player and that would be great for us. But that’s not an argument. You’re not French, you’re not there, that’s all,” he declared. ‘Le Parisien’) or Batam.

“I do not like this nationalization, what to like about Anthony Randolph Slovenia and with those moves. Perhaps [Embiid] Be the best post player in the world. If we only talk about basketball, of course we have to. But there is a moral problem and at the training level”, he told ‘RMC Sport’.

Criticisms repeated last May, when Embiid let yourself love again, “I might have to play ‘two’ or ‘three’ with the national team, because it looks like there’s going to be a quota,” said Madridista ironically. Vincent PoirierOne of the possible influencers.

Tokyo 2020 with the signing of Olympic runner-up Joel Embiid, France, is aiming for the next two major international tournaments, the 2023 World Cup and above all Paris 2024.

There the French team could submit an internal game with Embiid, finishing second twice in the voting for NBA MVP; Rudy Goberte, three-time best defender in the league; And Poirier, one of the best pvotes in Euroleague. and it doesn’t count Victor Vembanyamaa chief promises of the world in his position.

a transfer market

The signing of Joel Embiid reflects the growing trend in international basketball. If it was traditionally used as an arrangement so that some non-community players would have a better market in Europe (Jesse Carroll with Azerbaijan; Brandon Davis with Uganda; Anthony Randolph with Slovenia; Pete Mickey Bulgarian), in recent years it has established itself as a market for national teams.

Thus, while Spain has ‘signed’ lorenzo brown to cover casualties in the position of point guard for EuroBasket (a decision that Rudy Fernandez As captain is publicly criticized), France takes Embiid to appear even higher: World Cup and Olympic gold.

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