Home Sport El Rayo reveals Valencia’s shortcomings at Mestalla | LaLiga Santander 2021

El Rayo reveals Valencia’s shortcomings at Mestalla | LaLiga Santander 2021

 El Rayo reveals Valencia's shortcomings at Mestalla |  LaLiga Santander 2021

The Bordals team gave up another draw at home despite going ahead with a penalty from Soler. Isi rescues a point in a duel to which he never lost face

Alderete jumps with Sergi Guardiola in a play of the match.EFE

Not a burst of joy amid the gray-tinged future. Valencianism is seen every day further away from sustained happiness, that which allows you to enjoy football without thinking about balance sheets and large shareholders, which allows us to glimpse that the feeling of belonging to a centenary club to be inherited will continue to exist. Those clouds are only driven away by goals, the atvic scream of the stands identified with what he sees on the grass. But not even that. Four draws from eight games at Mestalla are numbers that do not allow you to dream of rubbing shoulders with the European caste again. The Lightning cut off any hint of hooking up in a painful way, equaling an advantage that for the Valencia It seemed cathartic. [Narracin y estadstica]

In one minute of the duel against the Vallecano team, the two realities of the team were condensed. On the 18 marc Carlos Soler penalty and advanced the team against a cheeky rival who did not wrinkle at any time during the game. The celebration merged with the stadium protest, covered in yellow posters with the slogan #LimGoHome (Lim go home), in a unanimous voice before what they feel is a condemnation.

Valencia, dwarfed by the management in the offices, tries to magnify Bordals, but it does not achieve it in a sustained way. Weeks ago the technician pressed the key that has allowed him to hunt points with a rough and intense style. Without a ball they learned to survive in the struggle. If there is no talent to command, at least there is faith to react. And that’s what happened until the goal. Valencia was trying to hold Rayo, who stepped on the area earlier and more with two shots from Eat and Unai Lopez.

Hugo Duro and Guedes They were again the danger, so much so that Madrid caused Saveljilch’s penalty that Hernndez Hernndez took a world to whistle. Penalty, offside and penalty again after reviewing it in the VAR. Soler could not fail and he did not.

The goal spurred the Lightning, who showed more idea in the handling and more intention. Foulquier, with ease, was demanded by lvaro García and Diakhaby gave a foul to Sergi Guardiolwhich ended up in the fists of Cillessen. Iraola’s team, with Falcao in the box with discomfort, could not find where to effectively harm an orderly Valencia rolled up his sleeves at the job. That is the great change that Bordals is pursuing: becoming the team in the League that makes the fewest combination plays, that Valencia recognize their weapons: whipping in attack and blocking the bleeding of goals in defense. Combining the two is what it costs. And a lot.

Without dominating, the advantage could increase at the edge of the break. Guedes spun a counter with Soler that the midfielder wanted to give him when he had to shoot and my Wass and Hugo Duro won the second play.

Valencia returned to scare the return of the dressing room. Prob Isi with a long shot and Foulquier responded by sneaking into the area to the baseline to put a cross that passes in front of Dimitrievski and Guedes with a very crossed shot. It was before it started to fade with no possible explanation. He lost his armor and, at the same time, was unable to bring down a Thunderbolt who, with a single solid idea, did not waste the opportunity to strike him.

A tense center from Balliu was caught by Catena at the penalty spot and, despite Cillessen’s intervention from point-blank range, the rejection caught him Isi to tie the game. Valencia lost the opportunity for it to last for a short time, because Hugo Duro did not push the assistance of Maxi gmez, recently released by Guedes. It was time to suffer and it was only fair that it should.

This time the atmosphere did not invite us to think of a heroic comeback, although twice Foulquier tried, turned into an offensive battering ram, and Marcos Andr He sent a ball high that he received at the penalty spot with the sole mission of hoarding it. The tie was already the lesser evil when Diakhaby took the winning goal from Bebe that would have dressed the afternoon in mourning.

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