Home Sport El Barra is reunited with its public after 502 days

El Barra is reunited with its public after 502 days

El Barra is reunited with its public after 502 days

The Catalan has not received encouragement from his supporters since playing against Real Sociedad at Camp Nou on March 7, 2020. Umtiti and Pjanic, both in the window, were making friendly starts against Nनैstik (4-0) in Johan Cruyff.

1-0. Ray Manaj celebrating with teammates after scoringEFE

for many players BaraIt was certainly strange to hear applause and cheers from the stands. Not surprisingly, he had not closely observed the breath of his followers for 502 days. since they were measured on Real Sociedad March 7, 2020, he had to play in a Camp Nou naked from the public. So, reunite with his fans, even if he in Johan CruyffThis must have sent a long-awaited sensation running down their spine.

It is true that many people could not even attend. In total, 2,037 fans. Bara could sell only 3,000 out of 6,000 seats. And he did it for between 24 and 48 euros per ticket. A price that, in the upper bounds, probably requires a great deal of desire to see the development of Barca’s first team live, yet lacks many of its figures. In its first preseason lineup, Ronald Komen He pulled everything from the first squad, relying on the fact that some of his players had just started training. for him, both Samuel Umtiti What mirelam pjanikIn the window of the shop, two football players were in the headlines.

In the goalkeeper, meanwhile, there was a net who is interested in leaving Camp Nou, no matter how ter stegen, again operated on the knee, will not be available well into the weather. Brazilian didn’t have much work before nastic That he found his goalkeeper, Manu Garka, right in his best footballers. The Sevillian Sergi was heavily inspired by two of Roberto’s obvious works. But, without a doubt, he signed his best intervention before a shot from one of the team’s players completing the game. eleven, small polo, which forced him to use himself to the fullest.

Barça forward, well, was only the fiefdom of the youth, with Demiro u escobar Also trying to explore auction options derived from the works of Ricky Puigo and above all, sergio desto, while another promising B player, Alejandro Balde, acted as a winger, with a fine touring left and Piku completion of the previous A tough fight with Matadepera, after a poor pass in defense of Nstic, will cost him too quintanilla The first half ended when the direct red, in which, despite their efforts, the Catalans did not win the goal award.

After the break, of course, there was a carousel of changes and Koeman created a team that Iyaki Peas, riley’s trap, with 10 young stars, one of whom was very young GavicAll cheeks, despite her 16 years old. With 10, Nstic had to gnash his teeth in defense, though without giving up on the pursuit of an offensive option. However, it was the Catalans who eventually managed to send the ball past the net. Raja Manaji was in charge of beating gonzi Much less than game time. The visitors tried to answer. without success. The scoreboard, in fact, only went up again at the end, when a shot from Colado touched a defender and slipped back into the opponent’s goalkeeper to become 2–0, which, shortly thereafter, would be followed by 3–0. , Ray Manz again. Albans, but after converting the penalty n’diee, completed his hat-trick in the final 4-0 to close the duel.

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